The Truth About The So-Called “Buffett Rule”

On it’s own, the so-called “Buffett Rule” is unlikely to do much to reduce the deficit.

Wikipedia To Go Dark Wednesday To Protest Online Piracy Bills

Wikipedia’s English language site will be offline for 24 hours tomorrow to protest two controversial online piracy bills.

The Presidency That Republicans Would Rather Forget

The Republican candidates for President have apparently forgotten that this guy was their party’s nominee twice.

Ethanol Tax Credit Expires After Three Decades

Congress eliminates a bad subsidy, but it’s only because there’s a worse one on the books.

Republicans Turning On Their Own Amidst Payroll Tax Fiasco

Some Republicans are starting to realize just how badly the House GOP has messed up this time.

Ezra Klein Isn’t a Reporter

A progressive columnist has been outed as having sympathies for the Democratic Party.

Supercommittee Headed For Unsurprising Failure

Not surprisingly, the Supercommittee is a Super Failure.

Taxing The Rich Won’t Alleviate Income Inequality

Increasing taxes on the rich may be a fiscal policy worth talking about, but it won’t make the poor richer.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Leaf Us Alone Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Apple’s Odd New Patent And What It Says About Our Patent Laws

A new patent granted to Apple raises once again the question of how far patent protections should extend.

Princeton Bans Professors From Giving Journals Copyright

In a shot across the bow of the current publishing model, Princeton is requiring professors to retain rights to their published work so that it may be freely distributed.

What’s Really Behind The Netflix/Qwikster Split?

The decision to split Netflix into two companies makes no sense. Unless you look behind the scenes.

Rick Perry Walks Back Social Security Rhetoric

In five days, Rick Perry has gone from calling Social Security a “monstrous lie” to saying we need to have a conversation about fixing it.

Yes, File “Sharing” Is Stealing

Matthew Yglesias resurrects an argument that should have died off when Napster disappeared.

Majority Still Hold Bush Responsible For Poor Economy

He’s been out of office for more than two years, but George W. Bush is still being blamed for the state of the economy.

Don't Steal From Medicare to Support Socialized Medicine Don't Steal From Medicare to Support Socialized Medicine

Medicare Spending Has Slowed Significantly Under Obama

For the past 18 months, Medicare spending has slowed down considerably – especially compared to the private sector.

Why Businesses Aren’t Hiring, And Why The Government Can’t Do Anything About It

Any politician telling you that solving our problems will be easy is lying to you.

Debt Deal Winners and Losers

Now that America’s political leadership have probably averted a self-inflicted global economic calamity, it’s time to assess the winners and losers.

Study Finds That Affordable Care Act Isn’t All That Affordable

Another government program isn’t going to bring health care costs under control.

John Boehner And Harry Reid Release Competing, Mostly Incompatible, Debt Plans

John Boehner and Harry Reid introduced their debt plans. Now, where do we go from here?

Tim Pawlenty In Hot Water Over Use Of “Miracle On Ice” Footage

A new Tim Pawlenty television ad is raising copyright issues rather than, as intended, bringing back memories of the 80s.

The Final Verdict On The 2009 Stimulus: A Failure

President Obama smiled as he signed the 2009 stimulus into law, but the results aren’t anything to smile about.

Jack Kirby in 1965. (Rosalind Kirby Estate) Jack Kirby in 1965. (Rosalind Kirby Estate)

Jack Kirby’s Heirs Suing Marvel

Jack Kirby’s heir are trying to posthumously renegotiate half-century old deals with Marvel.

Federal Judge: Copying An Entire Article Can Be “Fair Use” Under Copyright Laws

For the second time in two weeks, copyright lawsuit mill Righthaven has suffered a loss in Federal Court.

Herman Cain’s Silly Idea And The Silly “Read The Bill” Meme

Herman Cain says he wouldn’t sign any bill longer than three pages. It’s a line that will get him applause, but it’s totally impractical.

Writing for Free Doesn’t Pay Well

It’s hard to get paid for work others will do for nothing.

Copyright Law and Higher Education

Academic publishers want to end the Fair Use of scholarly journal articles in the classroom.

Google Loses Belgian Copyright Case

Local newspapers in Belgium inexplicably don’t want to be linked by Google and are using copyright law rather than a robots.txt file to enforce their wishes.

Republicans Ready To Punt On Ryan Plan’s Medicare Changes?

Republicans seem to have realized that the Ryan Plan’s Medicare reforms aren’t going anywhere.

This Budget Cutting Thing is Hard

To borrow a phrase: budgeting is the science of muddling through (with an emphasis on the “muddling” far more than the “science.”

CBO: Obama-Boehner Adds $3.3 Billion to Deficit Rather than Saving $38 Billion

The Congressional Budget Office has come up with slightly different calculations of the savings created by the Obama-Boehner budget compromise.

WKRP and Stupid Copyright Laws

The iconic WKRP in Cincinnati is not being syndicated or available on DVD in its original format because it’s classic rock soundtrack is hamstrung by copyright laws and music licensing fees.

Jerry Seinfeld Can Mock Missy Chase Lapine

A New York judge has sided with comedian Jerry Seinfeld in a bizarre lawsuit by a crazy woman who writes cookbooks.

The cost of doing nothing The cost of doing nothing

Less Than Zero

The Social Security “trust fund” may actually be worse than worthless.

Bloggers vs. Righthaven

The Media Bloggers Association has filed an amicus brief against a company which exists for the sole purpose of suing bloggers.