Does Haley Barbour Have An Immigration Problem?

Haley Barbour is making all the moves toward a 2012 Presidential run, but his stand on immigration issues could pose a problem in the Republican primaries.

Newt Gingrich’s Women Problem

Newt Gingrich is very popular among young conservatives. But two ugly divorces will keep him from being a contender for the presidency.

Ron Paul Wins CPAC, Loses YAF

Ron Paul has won the CPAC straw poll for a second straight year. But YAF has voted him off its board over his opposition to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Mitch Daniels At CPAC

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels made quite an impression last night at CPAC

Atlas Shrugged Movie Preview

I simply do not know enough expletives to adequately express how truly horrible this film was.

A Less Libertarian CPAC In The Future?

The new Chairman of the American Conservative Union seems to want to mend fences with social conservatives, even if that means throwing new friends under the bus.

Cheney and Rumsfeld Booed at CPAC

The media are wildly exaggerating the heckling at a gathering of conservatives.

Donald Trump at CPAC: Running For President (Maybe)

Donald Trump sounds like a man running for president.

CPAC: A Star Trek Convention for Political Geeks?

Is CPAC an important event, or just a con for cons?

CPAC is Boring

CPAC 2011

Ron Paul to Win CPAC Straw Poll Again!

Ron Paul is poised to win the CPAC Straw Poll. So what?

On CPAC, Social Conservatives, And GOProud

On the eve of this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, another shot has been fired by those boycotting the meeting due to the presence of a gay conservative group.

Who’s A Conservative?

While most Americans consider themselves “conservatives,” some conservatives exclude most Americans from the definition.

Chris Christie Turned Down Offer To Do SOTU Response

Chris Christie turned down the chance to give the response to tomorrow’s State Of The Union Address

Social Conservatives Criticize CPAC For Inviting Mitch Daniels

Social conservatives are upset with CPAC again. This time, it’s because the conference they’re not attending has invited someone they don’t like.

Social Conservatives Boycott CPAC 2011 Over Invite To GOProud

As they did last year, several top social conservative activist groups are boycotting next year’s Conservative Political Action Conference over the extension of an invitation to a gay conservative group, and nobody seems to care that they won’t be there.

A Republican Civil War: Unlikely Or Inevitable?

The Republican Party is united on the issues in a way it hasn’t been in a long time, but personalities threaten to tear the fragile coalition apart.

Mike Pence Wins 2012 Straw Poll At Gathering Of Social Conservatives

Could Mike Pence make the leap from the House of Representatives to the White House ? It’s possible, but history and the likely GOP field in 2012 suggest it would be very difficult.

Ann Coulter Booted From World Net Daily Conference For Speaking To Gay Group

Ann Coulter has been dis-invited from a World Net Daily conference for her decision to speak at a convention sponsored by a gay conservative group.

The Coming Republican Crackup

Will a debate over foreign policy tear apart the GOP ? Probably not.

Ron Paul at CPAC

Fitting in at CPAC

Teleprompter Jokes