Writing Without Interviewing

Why I didn’t talk to Dave Weigel before writing about him.

Dave Weigel, MSNBC Contributor

Dave Weigel lands on his feet as a contributor for MSNBC.

Bringing Magazine Ethos to Newspapers

Magazines routinely run great pieces by highly biased writers. Why can’t newspapers do the same?

Yet More Dave Weigel

A roundup of some of the more intelligent commentary on the Big Picture issues in the brouhaha of the day.

Ethics of Publishing ‘Private’ Emails

Do journalists have any expectation of privacy in their emails?

Dave Weigel Resigns

You know who would be a good replacement for him at the Right Now blog? David Petraeus.

Dave Weigel’s Anti-Conservative Rants Go Public

Sharing your unvarnished thoughts on a listserv is just asking for trouble, as Dave Weigel is the latest to discover.