Republican Senators Leading Effort To Halt Automatic Pentagon Cuts

Not surprisingly, Republicans are trying to reverse the automatic cuts to defense spending agreed to in August.

Wyoming Senator Trying To Revive The Dollar Coin Yet Again

Senator Mike Enzi wants to replace the Dollar Bill with a coin. As with past efforts, it’s a great idea that is unlikely to succeed.

CBO Forecast: Trillion Dollar Deficits, Slow Growth, And High Unemployment

The latest projections from Congressional Budget Office are sobering to say the least.

A Final Florida Preview

Voting has started in the biggest primary to date.

The Truth About The So-Called “Buffett Rule”

On it’s own, the so-called “Buffett Rule” is unlikely to do much to reduce the deficit.

State of the Union Post Mortem

The speech did exactly what it was supposed to do: kick off Obama’s re-election campaign while disguised as a call for unity.

Is Jon Huntsman the Future of the Republican Party?

The former Utah governor will almost certainly never be the GOP nominee. But someone like him will be soon.

In New Hampshire, It’s Do Or Die For Jon Huntsman

Jon Huntsman has gambled everything on New Hampshire. It probably won’t pay off.

The Presidency That Republicans Would Rather Forget

The Republican candidates for President have apparently forgotten that this guy was their party’s nominee twice.

Gary Johnson Leaves GOP, Declares For Libertarian Party Nomination

Gary Johnson’s quest is quixotic, but interesting nonetheless.

Vote Moderate Republican: Vote Obama

Understanding the state of the GOP field requires recognizing that President Obama is actually pretty moderate.

Why Do We Never Learn?

A comment on the commentariat.

Gingrich Clear Frontrunner; Can’t Beat Obama

The former Speaker has the biggest lead of any candidate thus far in the race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

Gingrich 2012: Will The GOP End Up Nominating The Unelectable Candidate?

Newt Gingrich is leading the GOP field, but losing to President Obama, but Republican voters don’t seem to care.

Barack Obama Tries To Channel Teddy Roosevelt

Barack Obama now looks to the Rough Rider himself for inspiration. Can’t he find it himself?

The Truth About The Coming “Cuts” To Defense Spending

Don’t believe the fear mongering about the coming decreases in the growth of defense spending.

GOP National Security Debate Live Blog

I’ll be liveblogging tonight’s Republican national security debate over at RealClearWorld along with a solid team of foreign policy analyst

Democratic Death Spiral?

A Democrat sees doom and gloom as far as the eye can see.

Supercommittee Failure and ‘Both Sides’

Are Republicans mostly to blame for the supercommittee failure?

With Super Committee Dead, Showdown Likely Over Defense Cuts

With the Super Committee dead, 2012 is likely to see a fight over the defense cuts set to take place starting in 2013.

Super Committee Failure in 8 Steps

Stephen Green explains how Washington cuts the deficit in a mere eight steps.

Obama’s Second Term

“Democratic” pollsters Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen argue that President Obama should decline to run for re-election.

Supercommittee Headed For Unsurprising Failure

Not surprisingly, the Supercommittee is a Super Failure.

Gingrich Surging In New Polls

Meet Newton Leroy Gingrich, the new “Not Romney.”

The Key Question for Republicans Regarding November 2012

Is public dissatisfaction with Obama also a cry for a conservative revolution?

Economy Adds A Mere 80,000 Jobs In October

Another month, another jobs report that makes you go “meh.”

Taxing The Rich Won’t Alleviate Income Inequality

Increasing taxes on the rich may be a fiscal policy worth talking about, but it won’t make the poor richer.

Stop Looking For The Next Ronald Reagan

If Republicans keep looking for the next Ronald Reagan, they’re going to be disappointed for many reasons.

Clark Clifford Republicans

Have Republicans been co-opted by the Big Government they claim to hate?

Time To Manage America’s Decline?

Is it time to just admit that the good old days are over?

Obama Embraces Occupy Wall Street

President Obama says he’ll fight for the 99 percent.

Can Occupy Wall Street Win?

The Occupy Wall Street movement faces obstacles its Tea Party counterpart didn’t.

Think Before Running For President

Byron York argues that the lesson of Rick Perry’s candidacy is “Think before you run.”

The Utter Folly Of Herman Cain’s “9-9-9” Plan

Now that he’s a top tier candidate, it’s hard to see how Herman Cain’s tax plan can withstand serious scrutiny.

Super Committee Super Deadlocked

Not surprisingly, the “Super Committee” to deal with the deficit isn’t making much progress.

Is The Chinese Economic “Threat” Overblown?

Are the worries about China overtaking the United States realistic?

Elizabeth Warren’s Flawed Social Contract

Elizabeth Warren has a deeply flawed view of our social contract.