Delaware Democrat Beats Back Progressive Challenger

Delaware Democratic Senator Tom Carper beat back a challenge from a ‘progressive” challenger in Thursday’s primary.

Hillary Clinton Sweeps Four Of Five Mid-Atlantic States, Edges Closer To Delegate Majority

Another big night for Hillary Clinton, and more bad news for Bernie Sanders.

Trump Sweeps Mid-Atlantic Primaries, Putting Himself One Step Closer To Victory

Another round of victories puts Donald Trump another step closer to the Republican nomination.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Likely To Do Very Well In Mid-Atlantic Primaries

With voters in five states set to go to the polls, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are likely to make significant progress toward their quest for a majority of delegates in their respective contests.

Delaware Becomes The Latest State To Decriminalize Marijuana

Delaware has become the latest state to liberalize its laws regarding marijuana.

The Negative State

William Easterly identifies the concept of the negative highway, inconvenient connections between Interstate highways seemingly created for the sole purpose of enticing people to shop at local businesses.

Christine O’Donnell Under Criminal Probe For Campaign Spending

Three months after the allegations were first made. the FEC has opened a criminal investigation of Tea Party Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell

Christine O’Donnell Continues To Dodge Questions About Campaign Spending

While she continues basking in the glory of her surprise victory, Christine O’Donnell is still dodging questions about potentially serious violations of the law.

Chris Coons: “Bearded Marxist” Or Typical Democrat ?

Conservatives have latched on to a few words in a decade-old article by Democrat Chris Coons in their efforts to boost the candidacy of Christine O’Donnell in Delaware.

Playing The Gender Card In The O’Donnell Backlash

At least one Christine O’Donnell supporter thinks that Republicans who aren’t jumping on are bandwagon are doing so because of her gender.

Delaware Senate: Coons Beats O’Donnell, Castle Would’ve Beaten Coons

Last night’s celebration in Wilmington is sure to be tempered just a bit by news that Christine O’Donnell is sixteen points behind her Democratic opponent.

The Delaware Senate Race and the State of the GOP

Some thoughts on the Delware Senate race and the state of the GOP.

Delaware And The Battle Between The Beltway GOP And The Tea Party

Christine O’Donnell has become the latest star of the Tea Party movement, and her primary battle with Mike Castle the latest battleground over the future of the Republican Party.

All Republicans are RINOs (and all Democrats are DINOs).

Party labels are just names, as such all Republicans are Republicans in name only.

Republican Backlash Hits Tea Party Endorsee Christine O’Donnell

The nation’s 2nd smallest state is becoming the biggest battleground between the Establishment GOP and Tea Party insurgents.

The Odd Case Of Delaware Tea Party Candidate Christine O’Donnell

The new tea party candidate in Delaware seems to be a rather odd bird.

Delaware GOP Primary In The Tea Party’s Crosshairs

Delaware’s September 14th Republican Senate Primary is shaping up to be the next battle between the Establishment GOP and the Tea Party movement.

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