Anders Breivik and Khaleid Sheikh Mohammed

The Atlantic’s Max Fisher reflects on “What America Can Learn From Norway’s Anders Breivik Trial.”

America Just As Socialist As Europe

David Brooks points out that, despite the mythology of America as a land of rugged individuals and Europe as a socialist experiment gone wrong, the amount of social welfare spending is roughly the same.

There Are No “Europeans”

The problem with Europe may not be the Euro, but the fact that there really aren’t any Europeans.

Ron Paul: American Foreign Policy Is The Primary Motivation For Terrorism

Ron Paul is again making the argument that American foreign policy has contributed to terrorism. He’s more right than wrong.

A New Normal For Debt Ceiling Increases?

Has a precedent been set for future requests by the President to increase the debt ceiling?

Oslo Bomb Blast and Shooting Spree: Al Qaeda Suspected (Updated)

A bomb blast in Oslo’s government center has killed at least two people and a presumably related shooting spree at a nearby children’s camp are being investigated as terrorist related.

Red Bull’s Billionaire Maniac

Business Week has a fascinating profile of Dietrich Mateschitz, whom they dub “Red Bull’s Billionaire Maniac.”

What is the Debt Ceiling?

A lot of people appear confused at to what the debt ceiling is and why it has to be raised.

America The Ignorant

Another survey shows that Americans don’t know much about their own history, but does it really matter?

The Limits Of Non-Violence

Mohandas Ghandi pioneered the idea of non-violent resistance, but there are times and places where non-violence is little more than a ticket to a death camp.

Living to 100

Shorter Joe Conason

Polar Bear Shrinkage