Political Momentum For Gun Control Measures Appears To Be Stalling

The post-Newtown momentum for gun control has slowed significantly.

No “Nuclear Option” On Filibuster Reform

Once again, Harry Reid is pursuing a far less ambitious filibuster reform package than originally threatened.

NRA Calls Obama ‘Elitist Hypocrite’ in New Ad

The NRA is calling President Obama an “elitist hypocrite” for opposing armed guards in schools while sending his own girls to school with armed guards.

Democrats May Be Short On Votes For Filibuster Reform

Harry Reid appears to be short of the votes he needs to enact filibuster reform.

FBI, DOJ Knew About Petraeus Affair For Months

The David Petraeus/Paula Broadwell story gets curiouser.

Big Gains for Romney in CA

Of course, these voters are walled off from the process, so they don’t matter.

Get Rid Of Recall Elections

Recall elections in a hyper-partisan atmosphere are not a good thing.

Herman Cain Goes For the “Nuts Or Sluts” Defense

Herman Cain response to the latest round of allegations against him leaves much to be desired.

With President Obama’s Backing, Senate Takes Up Repeal Of DOMA

It won’t go anywhere this year, but after 15 years someone is finally trying to repeal a bad law.

An Intelligence Failure In The Middle East?

Some in Washington are claiming the intelligence community missed the warning signs of unrest in Tunisia and Egypt in what looks like little more than an effort to create scapegoats if things go wrong.

Prison Smartphones

Despite federal laws banning even prison officials from bringing phones inside, tens of thousands of inmates have smartphones.

Democrats and the Wealthy Rich

Don Surber imagines this edition of “Hardball.”

Can Senate Democrats Eliminate The Filibuster? Should They?

With Democrats set to maintain their majority in the Senate, some on the left are pushing for filibuster reform. However, it seems unlikely that Harry Reid has the votes to change a long-standing Senate rule.

Democrats Lack Votes For Filibuster Reform

Much to the disappointment of Ezra Klein and others, it’s unlikely that Democrats will have the votes necessary to change the filibuster when the 112th Congress convenes.

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