Will It Matter That Kevin McCarthy Was Caught Lying?

Anyone familiar with Betteridge’s law of headlines knows where this is going.

Violence after DC ‘Stop the Steal’ Rally

Peaceful protests were once again followed by nighttime clashes.

Has Hillary Clinton Learned from 2008 Mistakes?

Will the prohibitive favorite for the 2016 Democratic nomination do it differently this time around?

A 2013 Reading Guide: Challenge Yourself

For the New Year, how about challenging your ideas just a little bit?

The Conservative Political Media Complex

Many conservatives are living inside of a media bubble and they’ll continue to have problems until the consciously decide to break out of it.

Retroactive Line of the Day (“Data? We Don’t Need no Stinking Data” Edition)

I just came across Peggy Noonan’s pre-election column. It is quite illustrative.

Conservatives Blaming Chris Christie For Romney’s Loss

The ink is barely dry on Barack Obama’s victory and some conservatives are already focusing blame on the Governor of New Jersey.

Conservative Media Bubble

If you’re a white Southerner who gets most of his information from Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, you probably don’t know a lot of people who voted for Barack Obama.

2012 Presidential Election Predictions

The OTB gang give their best guess at the outcome of the 2012 presidential contest.

Preparing to Evaluate the Predictions

Making note of some of the predictions and such as we approach November 6th.

Summing up the Polling Debate

Dean Chambers of UnSkewed fame, puts the polling debate into sharp perspective.

The Most Serious Aspect of the Poll Denialist Position

Getting to the heart of the problem from my POV (plus historical numbers).

Turmoil On Team Romney

The Romney campaign infighting is becoming public.

Are Blacks Abandoning Obama?

Dick Morris has a penchant for counter-intuitive analysis. And for being wildly wrong.

The Genius of Mitch McConnell

The Senate Republican leader is running a shrewd political game. But what’s good for the GOP is bad for America.

Romney, Bachmann Nearly Tied In New Iowa Poll

The first Des Moines Register poll is out.

Triangulation: What Is It? Does It Even Exist?

Several smart center-left commentators argue that President Obama is not triangulating. At least one argues there’s no such thing.

Sarah Palin Trying To Claim Ronald Reagan’s Legacy

If Sarah Palin isn’t running for President, why is she comparing herself to Ronald Reagan ?

Republican Rout in November?

Even with some key seats trending Democrat, Republicans are primed to take over both Houses of Congress come November 2.

The Unfortunate Return Of Dick Morris

After several years in the wilderness, Dick Morris has returned as a Fox News analyst and, bizarrely, adviser to several Republican candidates for Congress.

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