Pat Summitt and the Evolution of Women’s Basketball

Pat Summitt’s predecessor stepped down as head coach to work on her doctorate.

Obama’s Odd Choice for World Bank President

Jim Yong Kim is an impressive man. But he’s got no background in banking, finance, or economics.

Military’s Lock-Step Promotion System

The military promotion system does not reward top performers rapidly enough.

Federal Workers Overpaid, Say Federal Workers at CBO

Employees of the US Federal Government earn substantially more in salary and benefits than their private sector comparables.

Trying to Understand Newt’s Appeal

Musing about his smarts.

IQ and Income Inequality

Life, it turns out, isn’t fair.

Michele Bachmann And The “Submission” Question: Byron York Was Right

On reflection, the nature of Marcus Bachmann’s influence over his wife is indeed a legitimate question in a political campaign.

Fox’s Chris Wallace Takes Heat For Asking Michele Bachmann “Are You A Flake?”

A Tea Party favorite gets asked a tough question,and a Fox News host finds himself forced to apologize.

How Strong Are The Libyan Rebels? Not Very, Which Makes Ground Troops Almost Inevitable

The Libyan rebels probably aren’t strong enough to defeat Gaddafi on their own, and the no-fly zone isn’t going to be enough either. Which means this operation is going to be far more extensive than President Obama is willing to admit publicly.

A Living Argument in Favor of the DREAM Act

UCSD grad student Mark Farrales is a good example of why something like the DREAM Act has merit.

Mixologist, Bring Me a Beer

Sarah Deming has a longish column “Against Mixology,” decrying both the use of that title by barkeeps and, more importantly, the snootiness which often attends those who do.

Should Universities End Football?

Boston University and Northeastern have found that there is life after football. Shouldn’t most schools follow their lead?

Dr. Laura Show Ending

Radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger is quitting her radio show following a firestorm over her use of the N-word.

Dr. Jill Biden

Why does the Second Lady insist on using the title “Dr.”

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