[I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!] [I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!]

Inflation Reduction Act Doesn’t Reduce Inflation?!

A bill that was never about the thing it’s called doesn’t do that thing.

GOP On ObamaCare: Goodbye Repeal/Defund/Delay, Hello ‘Let It Burn’?

The GOP seems to be shifting strategy on the Affordable Care Act.

The Politics Of Scandal

President Obama faces some perilous times ahead now that his Administration is under fire.

Reagan Won The Tax Debate. Now What?

Ronald Reagan won the tax fight. The debate now centers on whether to continue cutting taxes or slightly reverse the trend.

Mitt Romney’s Unforced Tax Return Error

Mitt Romney has a bit of a tax return dilemma.

Memo To Congress: It’s The Economy, Stupid

Today’s job numbers make it clear that Congress has only one duty, and that is to do everything it can to stimulate real economic growth.