The Fine Line Between Nationalism and Racism

Andrew Sullivan wonders, “Will there always be an England?”

Libertarians Are to Blame for Donald Trump’s Racialized Rhetoric?

The idea that Donald Trump has gotten his racialized rhetoric from libertarians is simply errant nonsense. The libertarian view, broadly speaking, is not defined by Murray Rothbard, Llewellyn Rockwell, and Ron Paul and those who share their views. This is but a small and even fringe group of what could be called the libertarian community.

Where’s The Outrage Over The Outrage?

When everything’s an outrage, is anything outrageous?

Thomas Friedman’s Michael Bloomberg Fetish

Thomas Friedman is fantasizing about Michael Bloomberg again.

Supermarket Self-Checkouts Being Replaced With People

The conspiracy by grocery store owners to turn us all into unpaid cashiers may be ending.

Boring Blogging

Whites Leaving Democratic Party

The Republicans are increasingly the party of white America. That’s short term good but long term bad for the GOP.

Compromise, 2011 Style

Compromise in politics involves more than compromising one’s principles.

More on No Labels

More on the No Labels label problem.

Salting Snowe

Dr. Jill Biden

Why does the Second Lady insist on using the title “Dr.”

The Future of Suburbia

Romney’s Mormon Hurdle

Online Integrity