Krauthammer Declares Obama the Winner of the Tax Debate

Krauthammer thinks Obama tricked the GOP into agreeing to Stimulus II.

Obama Defends Tax Cut Deal As Democrats Signal Opposition

Amid signs that Democrats in Congress might rebel against the tax cut deal he struck with Republicans, President Obama took to the airwaves today to defend it at the same time that his base is rebelling against it.

Why Democrats Are Losing The Tax Cut Debate

Democrats are losing the debate over the extension of the Bush tax cuts, but when you look at the playing field it seems pretty clear that that they never had a chance.

Memo To Congress: It’s The Economy, Stupid

Today’s job numbers make it clear that Congress has only one duty, and that is to do everything it can to stimulate real economic growth.

Federal Reserve Foresees Slow Growth, High Unemployment Through 2012

The latest forecast from the Federal Reserve foresees stagnant growth and high unemployment for the next two years.

How Would I Solve the Deficit

Here’s my plan for creating a budget surplus of $126 billion by 2015 and $592 billion by 2030.

What, Exactly, Is The Federal Reserve Up To?

The Federal Reserve is injecting $ 600,000,000,000 into the economy, primarily in the hope that it will boost stock prices and, in turn, the economy. It might work, but if it doesn’t the consequences could be severe.

Slow Economic Growth: The New Normal?

Another round of GDP growth figures are out, and they show that the U.S. economy continues to grow far slower than necessary to sustain job growth. Is this a temporary problem, or something we can expect to live with for the foreseeable future?

Rising China

While the American economy languishes, China is booming again.

Mortgage Foreclosure Fiasco

Banks are faced with a huge number of foreclosures and that resources they’ve allocated towards handling them was woefully inadequate.

Chris Christie Kills Hudson Rail Project

New Jersey’s governor has killed a vital infrastructure project because of huge cost overruns. It’s penny wise and pound foolish.

Recession Over ? Most People Don’t Think So

The numbers tell us we’re not in a recession, but the public thinks otherwise.

The Risk of a Fiscal Crisis

The CBO sees a clear threat of a fiscal crisis during the next two decades unless we’re saved by magic ponies.

Chinese Currency Manipulation

There isn’t much doubt that China is manipulating its currency for competitive advantage. What can be done about it?

Giving Bin Laden What He Wants?

Ted Koppel thinks our actions since 9/11 have helped Osama bin Laden fulfill his goals. He couldn’t be more wrong.

Paul Krugman’s Economic Silliness

According to Paul Krugman’s latest column, the massive destruction of World War Two was actually good for the U.S. economy. Sadly, there are people who consider him an expert.

2nd Quarter GDP Growth Revised Downward To 1.6%

Another set of bad economic numbers are out today, and one wonders when we’ll start getting the good news.

Should We Be More Like Germany?

What do the critics mean when they say that the United States should be more like Germany?

Republicans Avoiding Gay Marriage Ruling

The Republican Party is keeping relatively quiet on the Proposition 8 ruling. That’s a good idea.

So Much For The Summer Of Recovery

There are further signs that the economy will remain anemic through the end of 2010, if not longer.

The War Against Air Conditioning

What exactly is it about air conditioning that has some people so upset ?

What Health Care Costs

Starving the Beast