Gorsuch and Alito Want to Revisit Religious Accomodations

Is a de minimus standard too small?

Justices Divided On Extending Civil Rights Laws To LGBT Employees

Yesterday, the Supreme Court held oral argument in a series of cases asking it to decide if existing civil rights laws cover discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

SCOTUS To Decide If Civil Rights Laws Bar Discrimination Against LGBT Employees

The Supreme Court has agreed to accept a group of cases dealing with the issue of whether or not existing civil rights laws bar discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

What’s a Freelancer, Anyway?

Labor law has not kept up with our changing economy.

SCOTUS To Consider Case On Employment Discrimination Based On Gender Identity

The Supreme Court is set to consider whether to take a case involving employment discrimination based on gender identity.

Job Interviews and Criminal Accusations

Why a much-cited analogy in the Brett Kavanaugh controversy is problematic.

Federal Judge Finds Civil Rights Act Bars Discrimination Against LGBT Employees

A Federal Judge in Texas has ruled that discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity is barred by Federal Law. Legally speaking, this is a tenuous argument at best.

Woman Fired After Flipping The Bird To Trump’s Motorcade Sues Former Employer

A woman who was fired after a photograph of her giving the middle finger to President Trump’s motorcade went viral is suing her former employer. She doesn’t have much of a case.

No, Andrew McCabe Is Not Losing His Pension, At Least Not Completely

The fact that Andrew McCabe was fired before he could retire means that he will lose out on some significant pension benefits, but. contrary to some media reporting, he won’t lose his pension completely.

Seventh Circuit Rules Discrimination Based On Sexual Orientation Barred By 1964 Law

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 bars discrimination based on sexual orientation, but its reasoning is questionable at best.

Modestly Good News From The March Jobs Report

March’s Jobs Report was good, but could be better.

Colorado Supreme Court Rules Employee Can Be Fired For Smoking Pot At Home

Marijuana is legal in Colorado, but it’s illegal under Federal Law. Because of that, the Colorado Supreme Court dismissed a claim by resident who was fired when he tested positive for pot.

Supreme Court Sides With Muslim Woman In Religious Discrimination Case

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Muslim woman who was refused a job because of her hijab.

Federal Judge Awards Strippers $10,000,000 In Labor Dispute

The labor laws apply no matter what business you’re in.

Another Ho-Hum Jobs Report

January’s Jobs Report wasn’t much to write home about

Hiring Slowdown Dampens Economic Optimism

The jobs picture–and thus the overall economic forecast–becomes much gloomier with the release of the March Labor report.

Controversy Erupts Over Employer Requests For Facebook Passwords

Like it or not, what you do online will be of interest to someone looking to hire you.

Supreme Court Curtails Class Action Lawsuits In Wal-Mart Case

An important employment law decision today from the Supreme Court.

Huffington Post Freelancer Files Class Action Suit Against HuffPo

A Huffington Post contributor who had no expectation of being paid for his contributions is suing HuffPo for $105 million.