Jeb Bush Loses Three Top Fundraisers; Signs Of Trouble Ahead?

Jeb Bush’s campaign has been in a rough patch for several weeks at least, and now he’s lost three top fundraisers.

Mitt Romney: Kingmaker?

Mitt Romney decided not to run in 2016 but he’s very much in the race.

Two Christie Aides Indicted In Bridgegate Scandal While A Third Pleads Guilty

Two of Chris Christie’s closest aides were indicted in connection with the Birdgegate scandal today, a third plead guilty, and Christie’s Presidential ambitions are pretty much dead.

161 Days Later, The Senate Still Hasn’t Voted On Loretta Lynch’s Nomination

The confirmation of a new Attorney General has been held up nearly six months for what amounts to no legitimate reason.

Ted Cruz To Announce He’s Running For President

Ted Cruz kicks off with the first of what is likely to be a string of candidates getting into the 2016 race in the coming month.

Mitt Romney Tells Donors He Is “Seriously Considering” Running For President In 2016

He’s tan. He’s rested. And, apparently, he’s ready. Mitt Romney seems very interested in 2016 all of a sudden.

Elizabeth Warren Isn’t Running For President, But Don’t Expect The Speculation To End Soon

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is not running for President, and she is unlikely to change her mind on that. Nonetheless, the speculation that she is will continue for some time to come because it suits her interests and the interests of others.

Will We Have Michele Bachmann To Kick Around Again?

Michele Bachmann leaves office at the end of the current Congress, but we may not have heard the last from her.

Ann Romney Says No To A Third Romney Run

Mitt Romney 2016? Not as far as his wife is concerned.

Mitt Romney 2016? Maybe More Likely Than We’ve Been Thinking

While it still seems unlikely that he’ll run, Mitt Romney does seem to be leaving the door open to a third run at the White House.

Democrat Drops Out Of Kansas Senate Race, Which May Help Democrats

A political earthquake in the Sunflower State that could have a big impact on the battle for control of the Senate.

McConnell Campaign Manager Resigns Amid Investigation Into 2012 Iowa Bribery Scandal

Mitch McConnell’s campaign was forced to do a shakeup thanks to a scandal that could envelop Ron Paul’s 2012 Presidential campaign.

Tea Party Set To Lose Its Final Two Battles In Kansas And Tennessee

The Tea Party v. “establishment” battle in the GOP has been pretty one-sided this year.

Mitt Romney is No Dick Nixon

Emil Henry makes “The Case for Mitt Romney in 2016.”

Supreme Court Declines Review Of Bar On School Graduations In Churches

The Supreme Court declined to review a lower court ruling that public school graduations in churches are unconstitutional.

GOP Primary In Mississippi Heads Toward Runoff

Down to the wire in Mississippi.

David Perdue, Jack Kingston Advance To GOP Senate Runoff In Georgia

A victory for the GOP Establishment in Georgia.

Anti-War Republican Beats Back Bush Era Challenger

Congressman Walter Jones beat back a primary challenge from a former Bush aide who attacked him over his foreign policy views.

The Tea Party’s Candidate Selection Problem

From the beginning, the Tea Party has shown itself to be just plain bad at picking candidates. This year, they finally seem to be on the verge of paying for it in the GOP primaries

Chris Christie Is Still A Viable 2016 Candidate

The bloom is off the rose, but Chris Christie could still be a strong candidate in 2016.

November 5th Not Looking Good For Virginia Republicans

With debate season over, it’s looking less and less likely that Virginia Republicans will be able to hold back the Democrats on November 5th.

Tea Party Senate Candidate In Mississippi Has Ties To Neo-Confederate/Secessionist Group

Several conservative groups have jumped on the bandwagon of what appears to be a controversial Mississippi politician.

Odd Headline of the Day: Golf Edition

Forbes wins the day with “Phil Mickelson Wins British Open—And California Taxes It.”

Mitt Romney Stepping Back Into Political Arena

Mitt Romney returns from the political graveyard.

Joe Flacco Not Highest Paid Player (After Taxes)?

The Ravens quarterback cashed in after winning the Super Bowl. Now it’s Maryland’s turn.

Conservative News Consumers Again Surprised By Obvious

The Hagel confirmation, like Obama’s election, was big news to some avid news consumers.

Chris Christie Is Looking Unbeatable

Chris Christie looks unstoppable in his bid for re-election

Dick Armey Quits FreedomWorks in Huff

Dick Armey has resigned as chairman of Tea Party group FreedomWorks over unspecified principles.

More from the “Is our Pundits Learning” File

Not as much learning going on as one might like, to be honest.

Why Romney?

Why I supported Mitt Romney despite his constant flip-flopping, fibbing, and fecklessness.

America Not a Center-Right Nation Anymore

President Obama easily won re-election last night, carrying virtually all of the battleground states. Meanwhile, abortion, gay marriage, and recreational marijuana also won big.

Does Anyone Really Care About Newspaper Endorsements?

Newspaper endorsements are getting a lot of attention in the closing days of the campaign, but do they really matter?

Do Voters Really Want A “Big Picture” Election?

Both campaigns seem to be focusing on an argument that the voters don’t want to hear.