Time’s 2011 Person Of The Year: “The Protester”

Time Magazine has chosen “The Protester” as its Person Of The Year. Let the outrage ensue.

What Happens To The GOP If Obama Wins In 2012?

Expect plenty of GOP infighting if President Obama is re-elected next November.

Eurozone Too Big To Save?

“The debt crisis is burrowing ever deeper, like a worm, and is now reaching Germany.”

Italy’s Unelected Government

Italy’s new government is comprised exclusively of un-elected experts.

Republican Candidates To Europe: Drop Dead

Last night, most of the leading Republican candidates for President acted as if Europe was on another planet.

Greece’s Dangerous Gamble

The Greek referendum could be a disaster for the global economy. And might be the right thing to do.

Eurozone’s Perpetual Crisis

European leaders continue to kick the can down the road on a crisis that could bring down the global economy.

Two To Three Weeks To Prevent A Meltdown In Europe?

It’s time to start being concerned about Europe.

Obama Answers Reagan’s Question

In an interview, President Obama says that Americans are worse off than they were four years ago.

Eurozone Crisis Panics Markets

A mustachioed German has once again sent the world into panic. This time, it involves euros not tanks.

US Bond Prices Soar: No, It’s Not Good News

The 30-year bond has actually gained more than a point in early trading after the S&P downgrade!

Italy Raids S&P, Moody

Lost in the hubbub of S&P downgrading the US bond rating is news that the Italian government has the ratings agencies under criminal investigation.

Risk and Sovereign Debt

Upon further review, S&P’s downgrade of the United States bond rating . . . still makes no sense.

Tea Party Leader Tries to Explain Position on Debt Ceiling

He doesn’t do a very good job.

The System Is the Cause of Systemic Failure

To save the world economy and themselves Germany and China must change course.

Two on Greece, the Eurozone, and the IMF

What we don’t know might hurt us.

The Eurozone Crisis Won’t Just Go Away

Despite what appear to be the fond hope of European central bankers that it will just all go away, something needs to be done. But what?

Technology and Currency

Have credit cards and ATMs eliminated the value of large currency zones?

OTB Radio – Tonight at 6 Eastern

Tonight’s topics: Escalation on the Korean peninsula, the continued woes of the eurozone, and goodness knows what else.

Eurozone Gets Some Sanity

Responding the near-collapse of the Greek economy, forestalled only by a massive bailout from their brethren, the EU’s finance ministers agreed this morning to submit the outlines of their budget plans for approval by the European Commission.

Ireland’s Credit Takes a Hit

A combination of news and some lunchtime satire.

Should We Be More Like Germany?

What do the critics mean when they say that the United States should be more like Germany?

Europe ‘Crisis’ Overblown

My latest for The National Interest, arguing that the talk of crisis in Europe is overblown, is up. Naturally, they’ve titled it “Crisis in the EU.”

A Few Euros Short

America’s Decline