Border Bill Splits Democratic Caucus

Speaker Nancy Pelosi suffered a major defeat on a signature issue.

Senate Tax Plan Will Include Provision To Eliminate Obamacare’s Individual Mandate

For some reason, Senate Republicans want to attach a bad health care reform idea onto an already controversial tax reform bill.

Trump’s Bad Poll Numbers Are Starting To Impact The GOP

President Trump’s job approval woes are starting to impact the GOP as a whole.

Tea Party Crowd Launching Another Phony “Challenge” To John Boehner

Several Tea Party backed Members of Congress claim to be challenging John Boehner in tomorrow’s vote for Speaker. They are, of course, delusional.

What to Make of the 2014 Wave Election

What happened Tuesday? And what does it tell us about 2016?

Sane Republican Minority Prevails

Nearly two-thirds of House Republicans voted for default. They lost.

House Republicans Waste A Day, Leaving Final Deal Up To The Senate

The House wasted a day yesterday, now it’s crunch time.

Another Republican Debt Kamikaze

One Virginia Republican suggests that defaulting on our bonds wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Hopes For A Senate Deal Now Hinge On Harry Reid And Mitch McConnell

Harry and Mitch to the rescue?

Another Poll Brings Bad News For The GOP, But Will It Matter Come Election Day?

The GOP’s approval numbers have fallen like a stone, but it’s unclear whether this will matter in 2014.

Boehner Won’t Allow Default Over Debt Ceiling, Still Insisting On Negotiations

Speaker Boehner told his caucus members that he will not allow a default over the debt ceiling but don’t look for a change in strategy.

There (Probably) Won’t Be A Government Shutdown

If recent history is any guide, there won’t really be a government shutdown next week. But, the zealotry of the “defund Obamacare” caucus could change everything.

The Incredible Shrinking Federal Budget Deficit?

The Federal Budget Deficit appears headed in the right direction, for now.

A Quote to Ponder (Partisanship and Governance Edition)

A bit of musing on parties, elections, and governance,

Institutions 101 and the Sequester

Institutional dynamics in the US constitutional system are the key to undertstanding our current predicament.

952 Days Since Congress Passed Major Law

t’s been more than two-and-a half years since the United States passed major legislation.

Initial GDP Report Shows Economy Contracting In Final Quarter Of 2012

Some surprisingly bad economic news

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Arachnid The Kid Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

GOP, Tea Party Hit New Lows In New Poll

The GOP has a serious image problem.

Obama’s Gun Control Plan DOA In Congress?

Despite the push it’s likely to receive, most of President Obama’s gun control proposals will barely even see the light of day in Congress.

The Politics Of Gun Control

Based on the polls, the odds of some changes to America’s gun control laws will become law. It’s unlikely they’ll accomplish anything, though.

A Credit Downgrade Warning Both Sides Should Listen To

Fitch is out this morning with a warning on the nation’s credit rating that both Republicans and Democrats need to listen to.

Republican Debt Ceiling Strategy Doomed To Fail

The GOP is following a strategy on the debt ceiling that cannot possibly succeed.

Republicans Foolishly Risking Default To Prove A Political Point

Once again, the House GOP is risking sending the economy into the tank to prove a political point.

Just Say No To The Platinum Coin

Minting a Platinum Coin would be a really bad idea.

John Boehner’s Side of the Fiscal Cliff Story

The Speaker’s version of what went down during the negotiations does not make the Speaker look good.

Understanding how Congress Works

(As well as party behavior).

Stealth Tax Hikes

The new $450,000 income threshold is a political fiction.

The House GOP’s Nihilistic Anarchism

The House GOP is moving in an ever more dangerous direction.

The Debt Ceiling and the Remainder of the Fiscal Cliff

Are we really going to do this again? The answer appears to be yes.

Inside The Ridiculous Attempted Coup Against John Boehner

The attempted coup against John Boehner resembled something you’d see in a banana republic.

Get Ready For Another Debt Ceiling Fight

The next six weeks or so will see Congress once again fighting over a self-created crisis.

Chris Christie Slams House Republicans Over Sandy Relief Failure

Hell hath no fury like a Christie scorned.

Fuck You, He Explained

Apparently, John Boehner was somewhat displeased with the negotiating process.

Congress Jumps Off Fiscal Cliff, Pulls Parachute Rip Cord

Our politicians have averted an artificial crisis of their own making. The next one’s in two months.

The Art Of Compromise

You can’t always get what you want.

Over The Fiscal Cliff, Sort Of

Automatic tax hikes and spending cuts took effect at midnight. A deal involving the executive and half of the legislative branch could largely reverse them.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Draft Dodger Rag Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.