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Will ISIS be able to consolidate and hold the territory it’s taken in Iraq?

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GOP Foreign Policy Positions Expose Their Claim To Be A Party Of Limited Government As A Lie

The GOP claims to be a party that favors limited government, but its foreign policy positions reveal this to be little more than a lie.

Foreign Policy At The GOP Debate: Lots Of Sound Bites, Little Substance

If you’re interested in knowing how the candidates would handle a foreign policy crisis, last night’s debate was mostly unhelpful.

The “Responsibility To Protect” Doctrine After Libya

What does the apparent outcome of the war in Libya mean for the so-called “Responsibility To Protect” doctrine?

Republican Party Politics And The Isolationist Canard

A few Republicans have picked up on John McCain’s criticism of critics of the Libya mission as being “isolationist.”

Republicans At A Foreign Policy Crossroads

For the first time since the end of World War II, the GOP is wrestling with two diametrically opposed visions of foreign affairs.

A Political Opening For Non-Interventionism

The American public is increasingly skeptical of foreign adventurism. Why aren’t our political candidates reflecting that?

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Obama the Superhero

Bush’s Third Term

Obama Doctrine

Stand and Deliver!

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Obama Backers Denied Jobs