Fresno State English Professor Calls Barbara Bush ‘Racist’ and Wishes Rest of Family Would Die Soon

Randa Jarrar was classless and contemptible, which is protected by the First Amendment. As a tenured state employee so is her job.

Marine Le Pen Faces Three Years in Prison for Anti-ISIS Tweets

Few Western democracies have anything quite like our First Amendment. This is a case where the United States gets it right. 

The ACLU is Right to Defend Free Speech for Awful People

Yes, even Nazis must have their rights to peaceful speech and assembly protected.

Campaign Spending, Free Speech, and Disclosure

The Koch brothers will spend more money in this election cycle than the entire McCain campaign did in 2008.

Police Violence and Perpetual War

Why we shouldn’t be surprised that police are using tools of violence against protestors.

Camping Out In A Park Is Not A First Amendment Right

The Occupy movement is starting to face the reality that they really aren’t engaging in protected speech.

Occupy Olympia camp attracting homeless Occupy Olympia camp attracting homeless

Occupy Being Occupied

The tents at Occupy Wall Street are increasingly housing the homeless.

Herman Cain Now Says He Might Sue Politico

When in trouble, sue the messenger.

This Is Why It’s Good To Have A Written Bill Of Rights

A case from the U.K. demonstrates why it’s a good thing to have a strong, written, Bill Of Rights.

Scotsman Jailed 8 Months For Facebook Comments

In Scotland, posting stupid things on Facebook is a “hate crime” punishable by serious jail time.

The Right to Protest is Not Limitless

Legal guidelines for protestors.

Supreme Court To Rule On Constitutionality Of Stolen Valor Act

The Supreme Court will have another interesting First Amendment case on its docket this Term.

Is A Politician Who “Flip-Flops” Really A Bad Thing?

Mitt Romney is still being dogged by charges of changed positions. Now, he’s trying to spin that as a good thing.

Muslim Students Shout Down Israeli Ambassador, Found Guilty of Conspiracy

Ten Muslim students were found guilty on misdemeanor conspiracy charges for their “plot” to shout down the Israeli ambassador during a speech at UC Irvine.

Is “Twitter Stalking” Free Speech?

A case pending in Maryland raises the question of when boorish online behavior crosses the line from protected speech to criminal act.

Romney: Corporations Are People, Too!

The Twitterverse and the Democratic National Committee are having a field day with Mitt Romney’s declaration that “Corporations are people, my friend.”

Government Fighting Back Against S&P?

Is S&P’s downgrade of the US bond rating “free speech” and thereby protected by the Constitution?

Former Congressman’s Defamation Suit Against Pro-Life Group To Proceed

A somewhat surprising First Amendment decision arising out of the 2010 Elections.

Left Made Anders Behring Breivik Do It!

A European anti-Muslim blogger observes, ‘It is clear that Anders Behring Breivik is one of us.'”

Pennsylvania Family Court Orders Father To Delete Blog Critical Of Ex-Wife

Does a family court have the authority to tell a parent to delete a blog critical of his ex-wife?

Star Of “Sister Wives” To Challenge Constitutionality Of Utah’s Anti-Polygamy Law

The star of a controversial reality show about polygamy is suing to have Utah’s law that makes his living arrangement illegal struck down.

Should We Be More Like China?

I’m continually shocked when demonstrably bright and accomplished people fall in love with authoritarian states.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Parts Of Arizona Campaign Finance Law

Another major campaign finance case from the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court: Government Cannot Ban Violent Video Games For Children

The Supreme Court struck down a ban on the sale of violent video games to children, a victory for the First Amendment and parental authority.

Sarah Palin Adds South Carolina To Itinerary, And The Press Continues To Follow

Sarah Palin will be heading to yet another important primary state while insisting she isn’t running for President yet. And the press follows her like a lonely puppy.

Colbert Super PAC, Citizens United, and Silly Election Laws

Stephen Colbert has been running an ongoing shtick in which he’s trying to start a political action committee, gets letters from his Viacom bosses poo-pooing the idea, and then inviting his lawyer on to explain ways to get around these concerns.

Mitch Daniels Won’t Run in 2012

Mitch Daniels, the candidate of George Will and a host of mainstream Republicans hoping for something better in 2012, has announced he will not be running for president in 2012.

Texas Cheerleader Who Refused to Cheer Rapist Loses in Court

A Texas high school student who was kicked off her high school’s cheerleading squad after refusing to cheer for her rapist had her lawsuit dismissed as frivolous and was ordered to pay $45,000 in legal fees.

King & Spalding Withdraws From DOMA Defense. Thuggery? No, Just A Business Decision

A major law firm has withdrawn from defending DOMA in Court, and a public controversy has erupted.

Well Done, Dearborn

By engaging in a blatantly unconstitutional prosecution of Pastor Terry Jones, Dearborn has actually boosted his nonsensical cause.

Terry Jones and What We’re Fighting For

The duty to defend “hateful, extremely disrespectful, and enormously intolerant” expression.

Terry Jones Not Responsible For Afghanistan Rampage

If we allow the possible reaction of the most dogmatic, evil people who might hear the message to govern our expression, we don’t have freedom at all.

Bad Headline of the Day

The New York Times wins for “Afghans Avenge Florida Koran Burning, Killing 12.”

Free Speech vs. Disturbing the Peace

At what point does the legitimate right to demonstrate cross the line into infringing on the rights of others?

Supreme Court: Westboro Baptist Church Funeral Protests Are Protected Speech

The Supreme Court rules that “offensiveness” does not trump the First Amendment. And they’re right.

Why I Like The ACLU

Does President Obama Apologize For America? The Facts Say No

It’s a Republican meme that President Obama has “apologized” for America repeatedly. The one problem with the meme is that there aren’t any facts to support it.

Blogging Liberty and Tyranny, Chapter Four

Examining Levin’s examination of the Constitution, jurisprudence, and property rights.

Is Internet Access A Human Right?

The events in Egypt have led some to ask if the mere act of cutting off access to the Internet is, in itself, an human rights violation.

Supporting Democratic Aspirations of All People

The Obama administration’s slow and cautious response to Egypt’s protest was frustrating. And correct.

House Moves to End Public Financing of Presidential Campaigns

The House has voted to repeal the broken system of financing presidential elections.

Sarah Palin Blasts Media For “Blood Libel” Against Her Over Arizona Shootings

Sarah Palin released a statement today about the Arizona shootings and the debate that has followed. It’s unlikely to help her.