The Problem with Andy McCarthy’s Thought Experiment

Some of our politicians and commentators are looking to odd places for guidance over the application of fundamental American values.

Ok, So What is the Problem with Cordoba House?

If the response to Cordoba House isn’t basically being anti-Muslim, what is it?

Is The GOP Anti-Islamic ? No, But They Are Playing With Fire

The GOP is playing a dangerous game with the anti-Islamic rhetoric that it seems to be courting these days.

Cordoba House and the Power of Political Marketing

If it was called the “Burlington Coat Factory community center” would anyone care about Cordoba House?

Apparently, Hating Muslims Is Now A Family Value

The American Family Association has ramped up the nation’s anti-Muslim sentiment yet again.

ADL Condemns “Ground Zero” Mosque Bigotry, Sides With The Bigots

The Anti-Defamation League has taken an unfortunate stand on a issue involving religious tolerance and bigotry.

Tennessee Lt. Gov.: No Religious Freedom For Muslims

The Lt. Governor of Tennessee suggested recently that religious freedom possibly shouldn’t apply to Muslims, but he’s only part of the problem.

Lobbying Reform