New Battleground Polls Show Slight Romney Surge

Romney’s post-debate surge is being picked up in swing state polls, but will it be enough?

Losing Our Religion

America’s Protestants are dying off and being replaced by non-believers.

Romney’s Poll Surge is Real

The Pew poll is no longer an outlier but the start of a trend.

Romney’s Post-Debate Poll Bump

Mitt Romney has gotten a bump in the polls from Wednesday debate, but it’s still too early to say if it means anything.

Legitimate Reasons To Question September’s BLS Household Survey

While the conspiracy theory is nuts, there are legitimate reasons to be skeptical of some elements of September’s Jobs Report.

Trying to Get a Handle on the Unemployment Figures

There is nothing wrong with healthy skepticism (which is different than outright denialism).

How Romney Lost The Economy As A Winning Issue

The biggest surprise of the Presidential race to date is the fact that Mitt Romney has lost the edge he once had on economic issues.

Do Presidential Debates Even Matter?

There’s little evidence that Presidential debates can be game changers.

Debunking The Poll Denialists

The arguments of the people claiming that every single poll showing Mitt Romney is unfairly biased do not stand up to scrutiny.

Are The Polls Biased Against Mitt Romney?

Many on the right are heavily invested in the argument that current polling is intentionally biased against Mitt Romney. Their argument is not very plausible.

Americans’ Distrust In Media Hits New High

Public distrust of the media is at an all-time high. It’s easy to see why.

Republicans Getting Nervous About The State Of Romney’s Campaign

Understandably, Republicans are becoming nervous about the way things are going for Team Romney.

Romney Needs The “47 Percent” To Win

In order to win, Mitt Romney needs the support of a large segment of the 47% of the populace he wrote off back in May.

The Convention Bounce Is Apparently Over, But Obama Still Leads

The President’s poll lead has shrunk, but there are still signs of trouble for Mitt Romney.

Can Mitt Romney Turn This Election Around?

It’s still possible for Mitt Romney to win this election, but is it probable?

Obama Leading Romney In New Polls, Extent Of Convention Bounce Is Unclear

A new round of polling has Obama in the lead and shows reasons why Romney’s supporters should be concerned, but it’s unclear how long any of this will last.

Obama’s Convention Bounce Becoming More Apparent

If the first round of post-convention polling is correct, President Obama may be pulling away from Mitt Romney.

Bill Clinton Makes The Case For Barack Obama

Last night, Bill Clinton hit one out of the park for the President Of The United States.

Very Little Convention Bounce For Romney In Early Polls

So far, there’s very little movement in the polls for Governor Romney.

The Speech Of Mitt Romney’s Political Life

Tonight’s convention speech is the most important speech Mitt Romney has ever given.

Conservatives Outnumber Liberals in 49 of 50 States

Mississippi is more conservative than Massachusetts is liberal.

Time Of Get Rid Of Political Conventions?

The political convention we know is a 19th Century relic. It’s time to modernize it and make it a lot shorter.

What The Heck Is Wrong With The Republican Party?

As its convention begins, one has to wonder what has happened to the Republican Party.

National Polls Show Obama With Slight Lead In A Very Close Race

Heading into the party conventions, the Presidential race is as close as ever.

Maybe We’re Getting Exactly The Political Culture We Deserve

We have met the enemy, and it’s most likely us.

Steady State Election

Despite all of the gaffes, jobs reports, and various twists and turns that so fascinate pundits, the race has remained essentially unchanged since April.

Paul Ryan Polling Worse Than Sarah Palin?

If a new Gallup poll is any indication, Paul Ryan was not a great pick.

A Presidential Election Without Veterans

For the first time in 80 years, there are no veterans on the major party Presidential tickets.

Romney Falling Behind In New National Polls

The most recent round of national polling seems to show that the negative attacks on Romney are having an impact.

Are Opponents Of Same-Sex Marriage Bigots?

The fact that someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they’re evil