Are Americans Getting Sick Of The 2012 Election Already?

There are still three months or so go. The race is incredibly tight. And, voters are starting to really dislike both candidates.

American Men Catching Up to Women in Weight Worries; Both Should Worry More

One gender gap, at least, is narrowing: American men are starting to worry about the size of their butts.

Aurora Shootings Will Not Lead To Restrictions On Gun Ownership

Don’t look for an effort to enact new gun laws in the wake of the Aurora shootings.

The Obama Campaign Would Prefer You Not Think About The Economy In November

Between the polls and the state of the economy, It’s rather obvious why the Obama campaign keeps trying to change the subject.

Weak Economy Continues To Hold Obama’s Poll Numbers Down

Mitt Romney has had a rough two weeks, but Barack Obama has to deal with a bad economy.

Mitt Romney Is Letting Obama’s Bain Attacks Define Him, To His Detriment

By failing to respond adequately, Mitt Romney is letting his opponent define him for the voters. That could hurt him greatly in November.

Trying To Make Sense Of The Boston Globe’s Romney/Bain Capital Story

A new report on Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital seems to be much ado about nothing.

Americans’ Confidence In Journalism Continues To Decline

Add journalism to the list of professions Americans don’t seem to have much confidence in.

Gas Prices Set To Fall Below $3.00/Gallon, GOP Not So Suprisingly Silent

As gas prices fall, the politics of fuel prices are changing.

Obama Crushing Romney Among Latino Voters

Mitt Romney continues to trail the President very badly among Latino voters. That could be a big problem in November.

Resistance To A Mormon President The Same As It Was In 1967

Mitt Romney faces the same resistance to the idea of a Mormon President that his father did when he ran for President four decades ago.

Obama’s Latino Support Surges After Deportation Policy Shift

Not surprisingly, President Obama’s immigration announcement has been very well received among Latino voters.

Anti-Mormon Sentiment Increasing

The “Mormon Question” that has long plagued Mitt Romney is being raised again by a new study showing the sentiment rising among liberals and non-believers.

Problems For Obama Among Blacks In North Carolina? Don’t Believe The Poll

A new poll purports to show the President losing 20% of North Carolina’s African-American vote to Mitt Romney. Don’t Believe It.

Why Has Public Approval Of The Supreme Court Declined?

Public opinion of the Supreme Court has declined in recent years. But It’s not because of anything the Court did.

Presidential Race Still Incredibly Close, And Likely To Stay That Way

The margin between Barack Obama and Mitt Romeny is razor-thin, and it’s likely to stay that way for quite some time.

GOP Pollster Tells GOP It Must Change Its Position On Same-Sex Marriage

Some Republicans see the light on same-sex marriage. Whether the party will listen is another question.

Santorum To Romney: Make Opposition To Same-Sex Marriage Part Of The Campaign

Rick Santorum is urging Mitt Romney to go all-in on opposition to same-sex marriage. Not surprisingly, this is bad advice.

Mitt Romney’s Likeability Gap

Mitt Romney has a big problem. People don’t seem to like him very much.

The bin Laden Raid And The 2012 Elections

Osama bin Laden’s death provides Barack Obama with an important political shield during the upcoming campaign.

Romney Leads Obama in 3 Latest Polls

Fox, Rasmussen, and Gallup show Romney slightly ahead of Obama. I’m willing to call it a trend.

Republican Stupidity Widens Gender Gap

Weeks of bizarre talk about contraception and vaginal ultrasounds has surprisingly alienated women from the Republican Party.

Obama’s Job Approval: Who Knows?

The president’s job approval is down. And it’s also up!

Ohio Primary Tightens After Romney’s Michigan Win

Not surprisingly, the race in the Buckeye State is tightening.

Religiosity of the American Professoriate

Reading journal articles, so you don’t have to.

Santorum’s Gospel Of Doom And Gloom

Rick Santorum’s stump speeches have becoming increasingly dark.

Contraception Politics Redux (This Time Fortified with Numbers)

Some polling numbers to go along with the speculation.

Santorum Surging Into The Lead Nationally

Once again, the face of the Republican race has changed.