Rand Paul Wins Meaningless CPAC Straw Poll: A Family Tradition

Rand Paul is carrying on a family tradition, winning the CPAC straw poll won many times by his father Ron.

The Republican Civil War Over Same-Sex Marriage Has Begun

Sooner than one might have expected, Republicans are starting to battle over the issue of marriage equality.

Non Sequiturs Regarding Same-Sex Marriage

The DOMA cases are about issues of equal treatment under the law, not about stopping some utopia where all kids have a traditional household.

Rand Paul Wins Meaningless CPAC Straw Poll

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul won a completely meaningless straw poll.

Chris Christie Lambastes Anti-Muslim Bigots In The GOP

Once again, Chris Christie makes one wish there were more Republicans like him.

Grenell Resignation Tied To Social Conservative Flap Over His Homosexuality

Based on the postmortems, it certainly seems like the Romney campaign threw Richard Grenell under the bus.

Openly Gay Romney Aide Resigns Amid Furor From Social Conservatives

Richard Grenell’s time as Mitt Romney’s foreign policy spokesman lasted less than a month. The fact that he’s gay appears to be the reason it ended.

A Republican Establishment Comeback In 2016?

If Mitt Romney loses, could the Establishment GOP manage to hold back the conservative backlash? Don’t count on it.

Rick Santorum Thinks Satan Has Taken Over America

Rick Santorum is Michele Bachmann level crazy. Yet he’s arguably the Republican frontrunner right now.

Evangelical Leaders Back Santorum, Unaware They’re Irrelevant

150-plus evangelical leaders are trying to derail the Romney Express. They’re going to get run over.

Conservative Pundits Continue Their Obsession With Chris Christie

Some pundits on the right can’t seem to quit Chris Christie.

Gary Bauer’s Absurd Attempt To Convince Libertarians To Oppose Same-Sex Marriage

A social conservative attempts to argue that same-sex marriage is a threat to liberty, and fails miserably.

Ron Paul to Win CPAC Straw Poll Again!

Ron Paul is poised to win the CPAC Straw Poll. So what?