Why Gay Marriage Can’t Be Left to States

Separate, it turns out, is not equal.

Barney Frank Marrying Jim Ready

Barney Frank is marrying a dude, further proving just how gay he is.

Al Franken Distorts CDC Study to Claim Distortion of Study

Senator Al Franken called Focus on the Family’s Tom Minnery a liar in yesterday’s hearing on DOMA. Franken was the one being dishonest.

Sean Avery Condemned by Agent for Gay Marriage Stance

Hockey star Sean Avery’s recent statements supporting gay marriage has drawn fire from an unlikely source: His agent.

Navy Chaplains May Perform Gay Marriages

The Navy is considering allowing its chaplains to perform same-sex marriages once “Dont ask, Don’t tell” ends.

Obama Administration Will No Longer Defend DOMA In Court

Huge news in the marriage equality debate today as the Obama Administration has decided not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court anymore.

Facebook Adds Gay Friendly Status Options

Facebook has come up with new settings to meet the needs of users in same-sex relationships.

Mary Cheney Donates to Anti-Gay Candidate

Mary Cheney, who is openly gay and raising two children with another woman, has given $500 to New Hampshire Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte, who is “against same-sex marriage and believes marriage is between a man and a woman.”

Schwarzenegger: Let Gays Marry Now

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says there is no governmental or public interest in continuing a ban on gay marriage. But what about the will of his constituents?

Gay Marriage Politics State-By-State

That attitudes towards gay marriage varies by state won’t surprise you. The degree to which it does just might.

DOMA and the 10th Amendment

Yesterday’s ruling by a federal judge declaring the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional is likely to collapse on appeal.

Federal Judge Declares Much of DOMA Unconstitutional

A district court judge has issued a ruling that could have wide ramifications for the question of same-sex marriage.

Did Texas Ban Marriage?

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