Drop In Hillary Clinton’s Favorability Numbers May Not Be A Big Deal

Hillary Clinton has suffered drops in her favorability numbers lately, but that may not mean much for 2016.

Special Prosecutors For Police-Involved Shootings?

Removing the responsibility to investigate police misconduct from the prosecutors who have to work with those police on a daily basis is a good idea.

F.C.C. Rejects Petition To Declare ‘Redskins’ An Obscene Word

Not surprisingly, the F.C.C. has rejected a petition to ban the word “Redskins” from the airwaves.

Independent Prosecutors For Police Misconduct Cases Is An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Many have suggested that prosecution of cases involving police misconduct should be handled by prosecutors who don’t work with local police departments on a regular basis. They’re right.

The House Lawsuit Against Obama; Full Of Sound And Fury, Signifying Nothing

The House of Representatives has filed its lawsuit against the President. As expected, it doesn’t amount to much.

Evidence Presented To Michael Brown Grand Jury Appears To Support Officer’s Version Of Events

What if the Grand Jury investigating the Michael Brown shooting fails to indict Officer Darren Wilson? We may find out if newly leaked evidence is accurate.

Law Enforcement Claims New Apple And Google Encryption Policies Will Hurt Investigations

The FBI and other law enforcement agencies are pushing back against Apple and Google’s efforts to provide greater privacy to users.. They’re wrong.

Presidential Overreach Should Be More Than Just Another Partisan Fight, But That’s What It Will Be

There are legitimate issues regarding Presidential overreach and separation of powers that President Obama’s actions while in office have raised. But none of that will be discussed in our hyperpartisan political culture.

The Redskins Trademark Decision Is Legally Dubious, And Troubling

However you feel about the Redskins name, the decision to retroactively repeal their trademarks is troubling on many levels.

Did Obama Violate The Law With The Bergdahl Release? It Sure Seems Like It

Good intentions aren’t an excuse for failure to follow the law.

Supreme Court to Rule on Cellphone Searches

The Justice Department thinks police should be able to search the smart phones of anyone arrested for anything.

Federal Judge Rejects Challenge To N.S.A. Data Mining

Another Federal District Court ruling on the Constitutionality of the NSA’s data mining program, this time more favorable to the NSA.

A Legal Argument That Could Bring ObamaCare Crumbling Down

There’s a potentially fatal legal argument looming out there for the PPACA.

Federal Judge Strikes Down Utah Law Against Polygamy, Or At Least Part Of It

A Federal District Court Judge struck down part of Utah’s law against polygamy brought by the stars of TLC’s “Sister Wives.”

This is How Legislative Blackmail Becomes a Real Crisis

Not raising the debt ceiling will create a true constitutional/legal crisis.

White House ‘Strongly Condemns’ Egypt Massacre

The Obama administration has issued a strongly worded statement on this morning’s massacre by the Egyptian government.

Obamacare Employer Mandate Delayed Until 2015

On a slow news day, a major concession on Obamacare

NSA Metadata About To Become Evidence In Civil And Criminal Trials?

NSA Metadata coming to a courtroom near you?

“Happy Birthday To You” And What’s Wrong With Intellectual Property Law

A song written when Grover Cleveland was President is still protected by Copyright Law. That makes no sense at all.

Civil Liberties In The Wake Of Boston

Are civil liberties once again at risk in the wake of the bombing attack in Boston?

A Camera On Every Corner? The Surveillance Debate After Boston

Big Brother is watching us. And he may be watching us a lot more after what happened in Boston.

A Word About Jumping To Conclusions, Boston Edition

There’s a lot we still don’t know about what happened in Boston, so maybe it’s time to stop speculating.

Poll: Americans Support Sacrifice For Others, Not Themselves

A new poll finds strong support for raising taxes on other people and staunch opposition to cutting programs that benefit themselves.

Freedom Of Speech Under Attack

Increasingly, the right of people to speak is being sacrificed in the name of “tolerance” and “security.”

American Politics And The Denial Of Reality

It’s no wonder partisans can’t agree with each other when they can’t even agree what the facts are.

Why Veterans Can’t Fit In On Campus

An Atlantic story on veterans returning to college is both poignant and miscast.

Is The Supreme Court Too Small?

One law professor suggests that we need to double the size of the Supreme Court. Is he right?

Further Evidence That Voters Don’t Pay Attention To Gaffes

Voters don’t seem all that interesting in the things that the political media becomes obsessed with.

Calling Someone ‘Gay’ Not Necessarily Slander, Some Courts Are Saying

As societal attitudes change, what counts as an insult so bad you can sue someone over it also changes.

The Census, the House GOP, and the Founders

The Founders would never have thought to do more than count people in the Census!

Controversy Erupts Over Employer Requests For Facebook Passwords

Like it or not, what you do online will be of interest to someone looking to hire you.

Further Thoughts On The Resonance And Relevance Of The Etch-A-Sketch Meme

The Etch A Sketch meme isn’t nearly as powerful as those pushing it believe it to be.

Twilight Of The RINOs?

The GOP Establishment is in crisis, but it has nobody to blame but itself.

Don’t Judge The Libyan People For Killing Gaddafi

Should we be outraged over the manner in which Muammar Gaddafi died? I’m not losing any sleep over it.

Supreme Court To Rule On Warrentless GPS Tracking

In its upcoming term, the Supreme Court will examine the question whether police can track people via GPS without first obtaining a warrant.

President Obama’s Job Ratings Sink Amid Economic Pessimism

With most of the public looking at the future and not seeing anything good, the President is suffering

No One Said There Would Be Reading . . .

Henry Farrell provides his reading list for his fall PhD-level course on institutions and politics at George Washington University.

Most Hated Congress Ever

The job approval numbers for Congress are at historic lows, but will that matter in 2012?

Ten Congressmen Sue President Obama Over Libya Mission, War Powers Act

Dennis Kucinich and nine other Members of Congress are suing the President. They won’t get very far.

Obama’s Solution To Deficit: Spending Cuts, Tax Increases, Few Specifics, But A Clear Roadmap For 2012

President Obama’s budget speech was light on specifics, but that’s because it was really the opening salvo of the 2012 campaign.

Stupidly, House GOP Appears To Take Taxes Off The Table In Future Budget Talks

The GOP seems to be telling President Obama that revenue increases are off the table. That’s a huge mistake.