Glenn Beck Leaving FOX News

Glenn Beck will leave his Fox News show in December.

Why Does Anyone Take Glenn Beck Seriously?

Some conservatives are finally waking up and realizing what people like Glenn Beck are doing to the movement. It’s probably too late, though.

Glenn Beck Launches Blaze, HuffPo Style Magazine

Capitalizing on the buzz from his weekend rally, talk host Glenn Beck launched a new online magazine called The Blaze overnight.

The Politics of Crowd Estimates

Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally raises, yet again, the tiresome fight over crowd estimates and their political significance.

Glenn Beck: Gay Marriage No Threat To Me, Or America

There’s not as much conservative unity on the gay marriage issue as there used to be.

Glenn Beck – Goldline Scam

If you’re buying your gold from Glenn Beck, you’re a fool.

Bill Press Bill Press

Shame On You, Bill Press

Press can assert all he wants that his call to suppress Beck’s rights “has nothing to do with freedom of speech,” but that’s transparent hokum.

Comparative Fringes

Palin – Beck 2012

Olbermann vs. Beck