Maybe We’re Getting Exactly The Political Culture We Deserve

We have met the enemy, and it’s most likely us.

In Picking Paul Ryan, Has Romney Actually Helped Obama?

Mitt Romney has effectively rebooted his campaign by picking Paul Ryan, but he’s also handed the President a powerful weapon.

July Jobs Report Mildly Positive, But Far From Good News

July’s Jobs Report was better than what we’ve seen the last few months, but it’s still not very good.

Taking Romney and the GOP to Task on the UK Trip and Foreign Policy

Disseting the Romney visit to the UK and musing about the state of GOP foreign policy views.

The Politics of Wealth

Romney says “We’re the party of people who want to get rich.”

What Happens If All The Bush Tax Cuts Expire?

Here’s why nobody in Washington will allow the Bush Tax Cuts to expire.

April Jobs Report Disappointing To Say The Least

Once again, the jobs market appears to be slowing.

First Quarter GDP Report: Economic Growth Sluggish At Best

A disappointing beginning to 2012.

Has National Debt Increased More Under Obama Than Bush?

Obama has borrowed slightly more money in 3 years than Bush did in 8. Does it matter?

Obama Approval at Record Low

47 percent of Americans disapprove of President Obama’s performance.

White House Corporate Tax Plan Leaves Much To Be Desired

The Obama Administration introduced a corporate tax reform plan that doesn’t go nearly far enough.

Romney On CNN: `I’m Not Concerned About The Very Poor’

Mitt Romney stumbled a bit during his victory tour this morning.

GDP Growth 2.8% In 4th Quarter: Not Great, Not Good, Barely Okay

Another weak GDP report that portends stagnation ahead.

Weak Presidential Field. Again.

Why are all the candidates for president so awful?

Nice Work If You Can Get It

Becoming a Member of Congress can be a very lucrative career.

Democratic Death Spiral?

A Democrat sees doom and gloom as far as the eye can see.

Two Brief Observations about OWS Critiques

Well, maybe not so brief…

Reassessing Occupy Wall Street And The 99%’ers

Some on the right are giving Occupy Wall Street and The 99%’ers a second look.

What If The Economy Never Really Gets Better?

The prospects for real economic recovery are not good.

Everybody Still Hates Congress

Public disapproval of Congress continues to fall.

Jon Huntsman: Moderate Who’s Really Conservative?

That a popular two-term governor of Utah is being rejected by likely Republican primary voters as insufficiently conservative shows just how extreme American politics has gotten.

Michele Bachmann’s Plan For $2.00 Gas: Another Great Recession?

Michele Bachmann is promising $2.00 gas. Not surprisingly, she has no idea how to achieve this seemingly impossible goal.

Are The Good Times Really Over For Good?

Watching the news and reading the op-eds makes it clear: America is doomed.

Super Tuesday Won’t Be So Super In 2012

The primary calendar is going to look very different next year.

The Second Great Contraction

Harvard economist Kenneth Rogoff says we’re undergoing much more than a mere recession.

The Debt Ceiling Debate: Social Democracy v. Limited Government?

Charles Krauthammer claims we are in the midst of a great debate. I am not so sure.

Second Quarter GDP Shows Economy Slowing To Near-Recession Status

And you thought the bad economic news was over.

A Question for the Business Types in the Audience

A question about borrowing.

Jobs Situation Worse Than It Looks

US News editor-in-chief Mort Zuckerman explains “Why the Jobs Situation Is Worse Than It Looks.”

Whatever Happened To The Housing Recovery?

Three years later, there are no signs that the real estate market is anywhere close to recovering.

Are we Living in the Nightmare that Rand Predicted?

Is our current economic situation the result of massive government intervention? The Randians certainly think so.

Retirement: No Good Options

We can’t rely on private companies, the stock market, or the taxpayers to maintain our lifestyle in our golden years.

Half A Billion People Escaped Poverty Between 2005 and 2010

Global poverty has plummeted in recent years.

Where Are America’s Jobs?

What happened to the 15 million jobs that were supposed to be created in the past 10 years but weren’t?

Midterm Grades: Barack Obama

Time for midterms.

Mr. Sanders Goes To Washington

Bernie Sanders took to the floor of the Senate yesterday to rail against President Obama’s tax cut deal. It was history in the making, but it’s not clear that it actually accomplished anything.

Federal Reserve Foresees Slow Growth, High Unemployment Through 2012

The latest forecast from the Federal Reserve foresees stagnant growth and high unemployment for the next two years.

OTB Radio – Tonight at 5:30 Eastern

Tonight’s topics: Bob Woodward’s new book, the Murkowski write-in bid, the weird race in Delaware, and the end of the Great Recession.

Great Recession Ended June 2009

Great news, everybody: The biggest economic calamity since the Great Depression has been over for well over a year.

2010 vs. 1994 Revisted, Part The Second

Another political analyst is out with a 2010 prediction that should make Democrats very nervous.

Federal Workers Earn Twice Private Sector Counterparts?

The average federal government employee earns twice as much as the average private sector worker. An outrage? Not so much.