Follow-up on the Trillion Dollar Deficit Post

More thoughts on deficits.

How Obama Lost Control Of The Debt Negotiations

Barack Obama’s biggest enemy in the debt negotiations has been himself.

In Dueling Speechs Obama And Boehner Talk Past Each Other, Accomplish Little

Their mouths were moving, but nothing of substance was coming out.

John Boehner And Harry Reid Release Competing, Mostly Incompatible, Debt Plans

John Boehner and Harry Reid introduced their debt plans. Now, where do we go from here?

Debt Ceiling Kabuki Theater Update

It hasn’t been a very productive weekend in Washington, D.C.

Obama’s Negotiation Strategy, Such As It Is

I never would have negotiated in the first place.

Debt Talks Break Down (Again) As Boehner Walks Away

It wasn’t a good day for the debt ceiling negotiations.

Obama Approval Still In Danger Zone

President Obama is polling at 46.8 percent, below the level needed to win re-election.

The Debt Ceiling is a Housekeeping Procedure

The House Republicans are functionally insane.

On Debt Deal, Americans Want Compromise Not Grandstanding

Three new polls provide a warning to both sides of the debt negotiations, but mostly to Republicans.

Gang Of Six Resurrecting The “Grand Bargain”?

The Gang of Six is back together. And they have a plan.

Republican Leadership vs. Young Guns

As the Republican leadership reaches a deal with President Obama, the biggest stumbling block may be the newest members of their own coalition.

The Economy And The 2012 Elections

It isn’t just President Obama who should be worried about the economy next year.

Erick Erickson Is Putting Party Before Country

How much of an American can you be if you are willing to wreck the economy for political gain.

So Much For “Repeal And Replace”

Whatever happened to the GOP’s promise to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act?

Congress and Libya

Is Congress set to vote to authorize military action in Libya?

Opposing Dumb, Unnecessary Wars Is Not “Isolationism”

Contrary to what Senator McCain, seeking realism in military policy does not make one an isolationist.

Eric Cantor: Any Tornado Disaster Relief Must Be Off-Set By Spending Cuts

Should we worry about the deficit when funding “disaster relief”? Should we be funding “disaster relief” at all?

Will One Election Decide The Fate Of The Ryan Plan?

Voters in New York State may help move the budget debate on Capitol Hill.

Quote of the Day, Ryan Plan Politics Edition

The bungled politics of the Ryan plan.

Boehner Wants Big Cuts in Exchange for Debt Ceiling Increase

Boehner wants some pretty big cuts in exchange for a vote on raising the debt ceiling.

Republicans Ready To Punt On Ryan Plan’s Medicare Changes?

Republicans seem to have realized that the Ryan Plan’s Medicare reforms aren’t going anywhere.

Are Republicans Facing A Backlash Over Ryan Plan And Medicare Changes?

There are signs that the Ryan Plan isn’t playing well with the public.

Obama Blames Media (And A Certain “Carnival Barker”) For Birther Nonsense

President Obama chided the media for paying too much attention to the birther issue, but his criticism was unwarranted.

The Ryan Plan’s Political Problem

Will the Ryan Plan ever be voted out of the House?

Paul Krugman Wonders Where The President He Thought He Was Voting For Went To

Paul Krugman is disappointed with the President, but it’s really his own fault for being so naive.

Obama’s Big Deficit Speech Will Come Without Specific Plan To Cut Deficit

Prepare to be underwhelmed by President Obama’s big deficit speech on Wednesday.

Budget Deal Postmortem: Who Won?, Who Lost?, Does It Matter?

What, if anything, does the budget deal mean for the future?