Do Legislators Make Bad Presidents?

Let’s see if there is evidence to support the assertion.

When You’ve Lost Maureen Dowd And Frank Rich……….

The bloom is off the rose for some of the President’s most ardent 2008 supporters.

White House Officials Upset That Republicans Playing Politics Interfered With Their Attempt To Play Politics

The White House is still smarting over the fact that they got burned by John Boehner, again.

Obama Re-Election Keys

A political scientist whose formula has correctly picked every presidential winner since 1984 says Barack Obama will be re-elected.

Design and Intent: Some Musing about the Constitution

We often conflate intentionality with design. However, even designers may not fully understand how what they have created will work.

Madison, the Philadelphia Convention, and Presidentialism

The US came a lot closer to something resembling a parliamentary system than most people think.

What’s Good For The Partisan Goose Is Good For The Partisan Gander

House Republicans are being criticized for utilizing a tactic they learned from Senate Democrats.

Ridiculous, Disgusting, and Stupid: The Public Weighs In On The Debt Negotiations

The reviews are in on the debt negotiations, and the public isn’t happy.

Death of Politics is Greatly Exaggerated

Michael Cohen argues that our system is broken because Republicans will no longer compromise.

Obama And The Debt Deal: A Failure Of Leadership?

Once again, the debt ceiling deal is raising questions about the President’s leadership.

Kill This Bill

Much like bills named for dead children, there’s a very high likelihood that any bill with “protecting children” and/or “pornographers” in the title is a) a very bad idea, b) a very stupid idea, c) of dubious Constitutionality, or, as here, d) all of the above.

Senate Blocks Boehner Bill, Focus Shifts To Reid Plan, McConnell Won’t Negotiate

The Senate killed the Boehner Plan but the debt ceiling crisis is still unresolved and the way out is murky.

One of these guys is outsmarting the other one One of these guys is outsmarting the other one

Parliamentary Procedure and the Debt Ceiling Debate

How the reelection incentive and parliamentary procedure are affecting the debt ceiling debate in Congress.

House Passes Boehner Debt Ceiling Bill 218-210, Senate Defeat Tonight Certain

It’s another Friday of drama in the debt ceiling crisis.

Boehner Bill To Be Amended To Please Tea Party, Thus Making It Totally Irrelevant

John Boehner’s debt ceiling plan is being amended. And not in a good way.

Pessimism Concerning the House

The main problem remains the House.

Functional Apathy’s Opposite

Steven Metz muses, “Scholars argue that too much political mobilization can make democracies dysfunction. Is that where the US is today?”

Why Leaders Won’t Lead

European leaders have put another Band Aid on the Greek sovereign debt crisis while America’s leaders are trying to stave off a self-inflicted financial default.

Will Michele Bachmann’s Migraines Become A Campaign Headache?

Speculation about Michele Bachmann’s health continues.

Allen West is an Embarrassment

Freshman GOP Representative Allen West is a loose cannon and unfit for office.

Moody’s Is Right, Eliminate The Debt Ceiling

Moody’s is on the right track. The current debt ceiling law has done more harm than good.

Is The House GOP’s “Cut Cap And Balance” Vote A Political Stunt? Probably

The House GOP has scheduled a vote next week on a debt ceiling package that is solely designed to mollify the base.

Debt Ceiling Concerns: Much Ado about Nothing?

Should we assume that a deal will eventually be struck and simply stop paying attention to the debt ceiling debate?

Obama Walks Out of Talks Saying ‘Don’t Call My Bluff’

President Obama has walked out of negotiations on the debt ceiling with an agreement is nowhere in sight.

The GOP Is Now Controlled By Its Conservative Base

More than any other time in the past, the GOP is now firmly under the control of its most conservative members.

The Balanced Budget Amendment Is A Bad Idea

House and Senate Republicans are pushing a Balanced Budget Amendment. It sounds like a good idea, but it isn’t.

If the U.S. Defaults, Eric Cantor Makes Money

If the U.S. defaults, Eric Cantor will make some money.

Is A Three-Term Congresswoman Who’s Never Sponsored A Law Ready For The White House?

The odds of history are against Michele Bachmann.

House Refuses To Authorize Libyan War, Then Refuses To Defund Libyan War

Congress had a chance to send a strong message to the Executive Branch today. They failed.

Opposing Dumb, Unnecessary Wars Is Not “Isolationism”

Contrary to what Senator McCain, seeking realism in military policy does not make one an isolationist.

A Democracy Fail In Virginia

The vast majority of the seats in the Virginia legislature will not even be contested this November.

President Obama To Congress: War Powers Act Doesn’t Apply To Libya

The Obama Administration tells Congress that it doesn’t need to comply with the War Powers Act because the Act does not apply to the mission in Libya.

Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, And Post-Debate Calculus

Will last night’s debate have any influence on the potential candidates who weren’t there?

Racial Gerrymandering and Idiots

Cynthia Tucker regrets her support for majority-minority districts.

House Bars Ground Troops in Libya

The House of Representatives has voted 416-5 for a resolution prohibiting President Obama from sending ground troops to Libya

Democrat Wins Special Election In NY-26

It’s just one Congressional District out of 435, but that won’t stop everyone from trying to turn the results in NY-26 into a national referendum on Medicare reform.