White House To America: Pay No Attention To Those Bad Economic Numbers

The White House would really appreciate it if you didn’t pay attention to all that bad economic news.

UCLA Forecast: More Slow Growth

More slow economic growth, the L-shaped recession.

Lower Home Prices Aren’t Necessarily A Bad Thing

The housing market has changed over the past five years, and that’s a good thing.

Economic Horror Show

And even more bad news.

We Are On the Verge of Great, Great Depression

All in all, not looking like it will be a fun summer.

Housing Prices Hit New Low, But Buyers Are Staying Away

Real Estate prices continue to fall, but where are the buyers? Maybe they’re acting sane this time.

Whatever Happened To The Housing Recovery?

Three years later, there are no signs that the real estate market is anywhere close to recovering.

It’s Not A Housing Bubble Anymore, And That’s A Good Thing

The U.S. housing market is a long way from the glory days of the housing bubble, and that’s a good thing.

Oil Hits $100 Per Barrel: Is The U.S. Economy Hanging In The Balance?

The continuing chaos in Libya could have a serious impact on the U.S. economy, especially if it spreads to other oil producing nations.

Gravy Train About To End For The Washington, D.C. Area?

Some people in the D.C. area are worried that the Federal spending gravy train may be coming to an end. They should be.

Are You Better Off Than You Were Two Years Ago?

As things stand right now, the dynamics don’t look good for President Obama in 2012

Mortgage Foreclosure Fiasco

Banks are faced with a huge number of foreclosures and that resources they’ve allocated towards handling them was woefully inadequate.

Homebuyer Tax Credits: The Return Of A Really Bad Idea

After several months of bad housing sales, politicians in Washington are starting to talk about bringing back one of the worst public policy programs of the last two years.

Fear And The Housing Market

For many reasons, the housing market is unlikely to fully recover for the foreseeable future.

Chart Of The Day: The Housing Bubble Has Not Fully Deflated

The housing market that existed from the late 1990s until 2007/08 was an historical anomaly, and anyone expecting a return to those days is fooling themselves.

The Definition Of Insanity: Real Estate Edition

Lenders and Borrowers seem poised to make the same mistakes that brought about the last Housing Bubble all over again.

Ruthless Rich Dumping Mortgages

Those with million dollar plus mortgages are defaulting at almost twice the rate on those smaller loans. Are the rich more ruthless?

Is the Recovery Fizzling?

There are a whole lot of reasons to be concerned about the economy.

New Home Sales Hit Record Low After Tax Credit Expires

The real estate market is returning to normal after being artificially stimulated by a tax credit.

Recession Over?

Brett Favre’s House

Economic Growth