House GOP Rejects Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Likely Killing Any Reform

The latest House GOP pronouncements on immigration reform make it exceedingly unlikely that any bill will pass this year.

Tea Party Apparently Now Considers Stopping Immigration Reform Most Important Issue

Forget about the budget deficit and spending. The Tea Party apparently now considers stopping immigration reform to be its most important task.

Immigration Reform Bill Passes Senate, Faces Bleak Future In House

The Senate passed an immigration reform bill today, but it’s not going to go anywhere.

The Right Turns On Marco Rubio Over Immigration Reform

Marco Rubio has suffered a reversal of fortune among Republicans thanks to his role in the immigration reform debate.

Farm Bill Failure Shows House GOP Leadership Doesn’t Really Control The House GOP Caucus

It looks for all the world as if the House GOP Caucus isn’t really under the control of the leadership.

Border Security, Or Just Immigration Reform Obstructionism?

Opponents of immigration reform are using “border security” as a shield to hide their true desire to kill the very idea of immigration reform.

CBO Report Cites Economic Benefits Of Immigration Reform

A new Congressional Budget Office report finds real economic benefits from immigration reform.

Do Personal Relationships Matter In International, Or Domestic, Politics?

Does it matter if political leaders like each other on some personal level? Sometimes it does.

Republican Political Calculations On Immigration Reform: Complicated, And Contradictory

There are risks to Republicans in blocking immigration reform, but there are also incentives for them to block immigration reform. Getting past that contradiction to passage isn’t going to be easy.

John Boehner’s Narrow Path To Immigration Reform

John Boehner clearly wants to see an immigration bill passed this year, but he has a very narrow path to victory.

Scott Walker: The GOP’s Sleeper Candidate For 2016?

Scott Walker could be the GOP’s surprise candidate in 2016.

Republicans Haven’t Learned The Lessons Of 2012

The GOP seems to be making the same mistakes that led to defeat in 2012.

Speaker Boehner: We’ll Have Immigration Reform This Year

Speaker Boehner seems confident that immigration reform will become law this year, but his confidence may be premature.

Is Marco Rubio Trying To Kill Immigration Reform? No, Not Really

Marco Rubio is threatening to withdraw support for the immigration plan he helped draft, but I would suggest not reading too much into that threat.

Picking Frank Lautenberg’s Successor

Some interesting choices ahead for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Bob Dole Lambastes The GOP

Former Senator Bob Dole joins the list of those not too happy with the current state of the Republican Party.

The Politics Of Scandal

President Obama faces some perilous times ahead now that his Administration is under fire.

Too Early for 2016 Talk?

We’re actually not speculating about who might be running any more than we used to.

Demographic Trends Not Looking Good For Republicans

Republicans are fighting over how best to deal with their demographic problems, but they seem to be fighting the wrong battle.

Public Concerned With Government Overreach In Response To Terrorism

The American people aren’t panicking.

The Attack In Boston Is Not Relevant To The Immigration Debate

Opponents of immigration reform are deceptively attempting to use the bombing attack in Boston to derail immigration reform.

Time To Reassess George W. Bush?

There seems to be an effort underway to reassess the legacy of our 43rd President.

Rand Paul: Delay Immigration Reform Because Of Boston Attacks

Another Senator wants to delay immigration reform because of the attacks in Boston.

The Boston Bombings And The Immigration Reform Debate

For better or worse, the attack in Boston is likely to have an impact on the immigration reform debate.

A No Vote On Manchin/Toomey Is Unlikely To Hurt Any Senator

The odds that any of the Senators who voted no on Manchin/Toomey will pay a political price for doing so is low.

Coming Next: A Senate Deal On Immigration

The Senate looks like it’s about ready to take up a bipartisan immigration reform package.

2016 Republican Field Is Wide Open

The Republican field for 2016 is more wide open than any we’ve seen in a long time.

Obama’s Second Term Honeymoon Looks To Be Over

President Obama’s job approval numbers have fallen off from their post-election highs. But, does it matter?

Rand Paul’s Fatally Flawed Immigration Reform Plan

Senator Rand Paul has stepped into the immigration debate, but his plan is less than desirable.

The Irony is Powerful with this one

Apparently, not the Onion.