Obama Unloads Immigration Detention Centers Ahead of Sequester

Hundreds of illegal immigrants have been released from detention ahead of possible budget cuts.

Polls Find Majority Support For Path To Citizenship For Illegal Immigrants

A positive political climate for immigration reform.

Bipartisan Senate Group Reaches Immigration Deal

A good start toward solving a long standing problem.

Republicans Still Sticking Their Heads In The Sand

The GOP seems to be drawing all the wrong lessons from the 2012 elections.

The Disappearing Presidential Honeymoon

Presidential honeymoons aren’t what they used to be, and President Obama’s second term honeymoon isn’t likely to last very long.

The Politics Of Gun Control

Based on the polls, the odds of some changes to America’s gun control laws will become law. It’s unlikely they’ll accomplish anything, though.

Marco Rubio’s Common Sense Immigration Reform Ideas

Marco Rubio has some good immigration reform ideas. Will his fellow Republicans listen to him?

GOP Problems Go Far Beyond Hispanics

The GOP’s problems extend far beyond immigration.

Republicans And Young Voters

Turning young voters into Young Republicans isn’t going to be an easy thing for the GOP to pull off.

Are Republicans Finally Realizing Their Immigration Problem?

Republicans are starting to talk about immigration reform, but do they really mean it?

Republicans Need To Understand What Went Wrong If They Want To Win Again

Republicans are trying to figure out what went wrong. Will they learn the right lessons from their loss?

Hindsight Isn’t Lying

Tthere’s enough bad punditry going around that there’s no need to invent cases to expose.

Immigration, The 2012 Elections, And The Future Of The GOP

The 2012 Election should be a warning to the GOP that it needs to open itself up to minority groups, especially Latinos.

Republicans, The Latino Vote, And Immigration

Republicans are going to get trounced among Latino voters tomorrow, and they only have themselves to blame.

Young Voters Far Less Enthusiastic For Obama This Time Around

Younger voters are starting to become as cynical as the rest of us.

What Exactly Would Obama Do With A Second Term?

The President has yet to tell us what he would do with a Second Term.

Jeb Bush To Republicans: Stop Being Stupid On Immigration

Jeb Bush continues to speak the truth on the GOP’s position on immigration issues. Sadly, his fellow Republicans aren’t listening.

Obama Leads Romney 70% To 22% Among Latino Voters

Another poll demonstrates the serious problems that the GOP has with Latino voters.

Justice Scalia’s Odd Dissent In Arizona v. United States

Justice Scaiia’s dissent in Arizona v. United States included many odd forays into areas that had nothing to do with the case before him.

Obama’s Immigration Policy Shift Was Legal, But Was It Proper?

President Obama’s immigration policy shift is legal, it’s good policy, but bypassing Congress won’t solve our immigration problems.

Republican Response To Obama Immigration Moves Not Entirely Negative

Republican reaction to the President’s immigration policy announcement has been relatively muted, and it’s likely to stay that way.

Reagan the RINO Redux

The main problem is governing should be different than simplistic rhetoric.

Romney Trailing Obama Among Hispanics By Wide Margin

The GOP has a serious problem with the Latino vote, and it may too late to fix it.

The Unsurprising Death Of Americans Elect

Americans Elect is dead. This should surprise nobody.

Republicans Trying To Mend Fences With Hispanic Voters, But It May Be Too Late

Republicans are finally starting to realize that they are in trouble with Hispanic voters.

GOP Hispanic Outreach is on Fire!

A new poll shows the current level of GOP support in the Hispanic community.

Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio Warn Republicans On Losing Hispanic Voters

Two prominent Florida Republicans are warning their party about losing the support of the nation’s fastest growing ethnic group.

State of the Union Post Mortem

The speech did exactly what it was supposed to do: kick off Obama’s re-election campaign while disguised as a call for unity.

Obama’s Second Term Would Be Neither Groundbreaking Nor A Calamity

The truth about a Second Obama Term is that it likely wouldn’t be all that remarkable.

Alabama Immigration Law Causing Produce To Rot In The Fields

Another case of the law of unintended consequences.

Immigration Deportations Under Obama On Pace To Far Exceed Those Under Bush Administration

Based on the numbers, Barack Obama is an immigration hawk.

Rick Perry’s Immigration Stance Not Exactly Hard-Line Conservative

Rick Perry’s position on immigration-related issues could be a problem for the same conservatives who have been getting behind him.

Revised Deportation Policy Focuses On Violent Criminals, National Security Threats

Under new policies, deportation efforts will be concentrated on people who pose a threat to society. It’s a sensible policy, so of course it’s being denounced.

Obama Punts On Same-Sex Marriage, Again

President Obama came close to endorsing same-sex marriage last night, but stopped short yet again

Georgia’s New Immigration Law Leading To Crops Rotting In Farmers’ Fields

A new Georgia immigration law is causing serious problems for Georgia’s farmers.