Another Chaotic Nevada Caucus Helps Make The Case For Eliminating Caucuses Altogether

This year’s Nevada Caucuses are a good argument for why there should not be any more caucuses.

Iowa 2016 Provides Yet More Evidence For The Argument Against Caucuses

Reports of discrepancies in the counting of ballots in the Democratic Caucus in Iowa reveal yet again why the caucus process is outdated and ought to be abandoned.

Rubio’s Dubious Campaign Strategy

Marco Rubio’s campaign strategy depends on a lot of hope, and no small degree of ignoring reality.

Mike Huckabee: I’ll Drop Out If I’m Not In The Top Three In Iowa

Mike Huckabee says he’ll drop out if he doesn’t finish in the top three in Iowa. He should probably start packing his bags now.

Ted Cruz Jumps To Double Digit Lead In Iowa In New Des Moines Register Poll

Ted Cruz surges to a lead in the latest Iowa poll, setting up a seemingly inevitable showdown between the Texas Senator and Donald Trump.

Trump And Cruz Look To Be Headed For A Showdown In Iowa

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have mostly avoided attacking each other, but if the polls are any indication that detente may be about to come to an end in the Hawkeye State.

New Iowa Poll Seems To Set Up Inevitable Showdown Between Donald Trump And Ted Cruz

Another poll shows Ted Cruz rising and Ben Carson falls in the Hawkeye State. The only question is who attacks who first, Donald Trump or Ted Cruz?

Donald Trump Is Definitely Losing To Ben Carson In Iowa Now

Another batch of polls confirms that Donald Trump has fallen from the top in the Hawkeye State.

It’s Time To End Iowa And New Hampshire’s First In The Nation Status

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus suggested that Iowa and New Hampshire shouldn’t get used to their place at the top of the primary calendar. He’s right, but fixing the crazy system that put them there isn’t going to be easy.

Bernie Sanders Jumps Ahead Of Hillary In Latest Iowa Poll

Bernie Sanders has jumped ahead of Hillary Clinton in the Hawkeye State.

Donald Trump, Ben Carson Tied In New Iowa Poll

Two candidates with no political experienced whatsoever are tied in Iowa as Republican voters continue to reject anyone with political experience.

Bernie Sanders Is Giving Hillary Clinton A Contest In New Hampshire, But Nowhere Else

Another poll shows Bernie Sanders doing will in New Hampshire, but there’s no evidence he’s catching on anywhere else in the country.

Jeb Bush Isn’t Doing So Well In Iowa, So Maybe He Should Skip It

A new poll has some bad news for Jeb Bush in the Hawkeye State, which leads to the idea that maybe he shouldn’t waste too much time there to begin with.

Scott Walker Surges In Iowa, But How Much Does Iowa Really Matter?

Scott Walker surged to the top of a new poll of Iowa Republicans, but Iowa is not a very good predictor of success in the race for the GOP nomination.

Mike Huckabee Leads In Iowa, And That Shows What’s Wrong With The Iowa Caucuses

The fact that a candidate like Mike Huckabee could win the Iowa Caucuses is the reason to end the Iowa Caucuses.

Iowa’s Governor Calls For An End To The Ames Straw Poll

The Governor of Iowa thinks the Ames Straw Poll should be ended, but he really ought to go further than that.

Iowa GOP Declares Santorum Caucus Winner As Iowa Beclowns Itself

This year’s Iowa Caucuses stand as Exhibit A for an argument against Iowa being first in the nation.

Think You Know Who Won The Iowa Caucuses? Think Again

A recount in Iowa has changed the final numbers, but we really don’t know who won.

The End Of The Ames Straw Poll? Don’t Count On It

The Ames Straw Poll isn’t going away any time soon.

Mitt Romney “Wins” Iowa By Eight Votes, Santorum A Very Close Second

It was a photo finish in the Hawkeye State.

Finally, It’s Caucus Day; Plus, A Prediction

After almost a year of campaigning, it’s finally time for someone to cast a vote.

A Traffic Jam At The Top In Iowa

Heading into the last day of campaigning, the race in Iowa is too close to call.

Romney Leads Paul, Santorum Surges, In Final DMR Iowa Poll

Romney, Paul, Santorum. The last set of Iowa frontrunners seems to be set.

Romney, Paul At Top In Iowa; Santorum, Gingrich, Perry Splitting Conservative Vote

Yet another clue about what’s going on in the Hawkeye State.

Newsletters Issue Not Hurting Ron Paul In Iowa

So far, Iowa voters don’t seem to be bothered by the Ron Paul newsletters.

Michele Bachmann Wins Ames Straw Poll, Ron Paul A Close Second

A good day for Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, and Rick Perry. A bad day for everyone else.

Romney Leads Among Iowa Republicans, Cain And Palin Tied For Second

The battle of Iowa is beginning with Mitt Romney in the lead, but Herman Cain and Sarah Palin aren’t far behind.

Huckabee Leads In Early 2012 Iowa Poll

On January 3, 2008 Mike Huckabee celebrated a victory in the Iowa Caucuses, will be able to repeat that in 2012 ?