Thursday Tabs

Some of these have been piling up for a while.

Grumpy Uncle Joe?

Say it ain’t so!

The Limits of Academic Freedom

UPenn law professor Amy Wax as a test case.

Liz Cheney’s Future

She’ll almost certainly be out of a job in January. Then what?

‘Stop the Steal’ Founder ‘in Hiding’

A one-time denizen of Blogger’s Row at CPAC has come a long way.

The Truth Is Paywalled But The Lies Are Free

It’s much easier to fund bad information than good.

Cancel Cancel Culture

The state of American debate is not strong.

New York Times and the Outrage Mob

The newspaper of record radically altered a column and then misrepresented it.

The Political Reality Of Impeachment

While the drumbeat for impeachment of the President continues on the left, political reality suggests caution.

London Mayor Denounces Trump On Eve Of State Visit

Just a day before he is scheduled to arrive in the city for a State Visit, London’s Mayor is denouncing President Trump.

EU Elections Show Continued Voter Frustrations

The transatlantic rejection of elite consensus that began with Brexit continues.

Everything Isn’t Sexism

It’s possible to conclude that Pete Buttigieg is smarter than Elizabeth Warren for reasons having nothing to do with sex.

Alabama Executes Domineque Ray Under Questionable Circumstances

Critics on both the Left and the Right rightly see an injustice here but the US Supreme Court allowed it to happen.

A Year After Charlottesville, Trump Shows That He Doesn’t Get It Or Doesn’t Care

One year after Charlottesville, it’s clear that President Trump still doesn’t understand what happened there, or that he just doesn’t care.

Responding to Trump’s Lies: Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t

Rebutting the President’s routine prevarications merely spreads them. Is there an alternative?

The Fine Line Between Nationalism and Racism

Andrew Sullivan wonders, “Will there always be an England?”

Noor Salman Was Acquitted in the Orlando Massacre; She Wasn’t Innocent

The FBI committed gross malfeasance in building a case against the widow of Omar Mateen. She nonetheless bears significant blame for 53 deaths.

The President’s Self-Imposed Bubble

POLITICO buries the lede in making the case for “Donald Trump’s bubble presidency.”

President Trump Attempts Self-Deprecating Humor at Gridiron Club

After skipping such events in his first thirteen months in office, the President tried his hand at stand-up last night to mixed reviews.

Is Ted Cruz Today’s Not-Trump or A Legitimate Contender?

It’s now the most hated man in the Senate’s turn in the sun. Can it last?

Ben Carson, Political Ignoramus

While a brilliant and accomplished man, he’s absolutely clueless about politics and world affairs.

Rick Perry Looking For The Elusive Second Act In American Politics

Rick Perry is sounding for all the world like a candidate for President, and says he’s a different candidate this time, but initial perceptions are hard to overcome.

Do Conservatives Think The Poor ‘Have It Easy?’

Coming across as uncaring doesn’t help advance your political arguments.

Refer Madness Among The Acela Corridor Crowd

The latest news on the marijuana legalization front has led David Brooks and others to go into a completely pathetic panic.

Teaching Prevention is Not ‘Blaming the Victim’

The Air Force is telling airmen to take common sense steps to “avoid becoming a victim” of sexual assault.

Texas Man Held In Prison For Thirty-Three Years Despite Lack Of A Legal Sentence

The very definition of a miscarriage of justice.

Pot Calls The Kettle Hack

Alex Pareene’s annual hack list omits an obvious candidate: Alex Pareene.

“New Black Panther Party” Panic Returns

It’s time to panic over anonymous guys in Philadelphia again, at least if you work at Fox News Channel.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The OMGWTFBBQ Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Are Today’s College Students Dumber and Lazier?

The Wall Street Journal publishes a screed aimed at those about to graduate college.

Do Americans Really Want A President Who “Feels Our Pain”?

We need a lot less fake empathy in politics.

Bill Maher, Rush Limbaugh, and the Standards of Discourse

Sure, he routinely uses gender-specific slurs against conservative women. But he’s not a misogynist!

Does The Post Office Have A Future?

The Postal Service announced another round of service cutbacks today that are likely to just make the rapidity of its decline increase

IQ and Income Inequality

Life, it turns out, isn’t fair.

Mitt Romney’s National Security Team

Ahead of his big foreign policy speech, Mitt Romney has unveiled his “Foreign Policy and National Security Advisory Team” which “will assist Governor Romney as he presents his vision for restoring American leadership in the world and securing our enduring interests and ideals abroad.”

Rick Perry’s Bad Rollout

The first two months of Rick Perry’s campaign are a good example of why it helps to start a Presidential campaign early.

Gardasil and the GOP

The Hoover Institution’s Henry I. Miller, MD takes to National Review to take on the subject of “Gardasil and the GOP.”

Education Colleges Academic Slums

Schools of education attract the weakest students and give out the highest grades on campus.

Pesticide Exposure Leads to Lower IQs in Children

A survey of three studies demonstrates consistently that exposure to certain pesticides used in farming diminishes mental development.

Too Late For Palin?

There’s still time for Sarah Palin to burnish her political reputation. But she probably won’t.

Backlash at TSA Security Finally Happening?

It appears that full body scanners, operated by leering yahoos under the cover of government authority, may finally be rousing the sheep who have meekly submitted to the absurd delays and indignities that have been piled on since 9/11 and sundry botched attempts.

Writing The Southern Accent

Attempts to capture the speech patterns of the American South in written dialogue should be approached with extreme caution.

Great Recession Ended June 2009

Great news, everybody: The biggest economic calamity since the Great Depression has been over for well over a year.