Supreme Court Demographics

The class photo has changed.

SCOTUS Career Pathways

Comparing the careers of the sitting Justices with Judge Brown’s

Example of Why Individual Defense Advocates Are Rare on the Federal Bench

Republicans competing to see who can be the toughest on crime

Republican Vote Needed to Confirm Biden Justice?

New Mexico Senator Ben Ray Luján is hospitalized with a stroke.

The Master’s Degree Scam

Most aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

The Ivies=NK?

Or, you know, not.

The State of America’s Political Parties

One party is divided on how to govern and the other is united in not governing.

First Black Woman Supreme Court Justice

Democrats are already jockeying to influence President Biden’s pick should a vacancy arise.

How Much Student Loan Relief?

Now, we’re just haggling over price.

Culture Clash at the New York Times

America’s Newspaper of Record needs to figure out what it wants to be.

Disdain for the Less-Educated?

Is shunning those without college degrees the last acceptable prejudice?

PAC-12 Goes Conference-Only

Another small step toward canceling the fall sports calendar.

Big Ten and ACC Change Fall Sports Schedules

More dominoes are falling. They won’t be the last.

Ivy League Suspends Sports

The hopes of football in the fall are fading fast.

Lee Iacocca, Who Headed Two Of The Big Three Automakers, Dies At 94

One of America’s fist celebrity CEO’s has passed away at the age of 94.

Gorsuch and Kavanaugh are Different Justices So Far

Despite similar paths to the Supreme Court, it turns out the two don’t share the same style and approach.

Trump Nominates Judge Brett Kavanaugh To Replace Anthony Kennedy

A selection that is likely to keep the Senate GOP united and red-state Democrats up for re-election under pressure to vote to confirm.

Trump’s Supreme Court Short List

President Trump’s short list of potential Supreme Court nominees consists mostly of conventionally conservative, well-qualified, jurists.

Aaron Hernandez Suffered From ‘Severe’ Case Of C.T.E. At Time Of Death, Report Says

Former N.F.L. player, and convicted murderer, Aaron Hernandez suffered from a severe case of C.T.E. at the time of his death according to a post-mortem brain study.

Trump Names Judge Neil Gorsuch To Supreme Court

With a relatively smooth announcement, Donald Trump has named a solid and qualified conservative who will likely be confirmed to the nation’s highest court.

Donald Trump Is President, America Will Survive This

While vigilance is called for, America will survive Donald Trump just as it has survived everything else we’ve faced since the nation’s founding.

Democracy, Demagogues, and Populist Pandering

The rise of Trump and Sanders has resurrected a debate as old as Western civilization.

Yes, We Would Benefit From A More Diverse Supreme Court

Justice Sotomayor argued last week that we ought to look somewhere other than just the Courts of Appeal, the Ivy League, and the Northeast for Supreme Court Justices. She’s right.

Melissa Harris-Perry Doesn’t Understand TV

The host of a weekend show on MSNBC is angry that the network wants her to talk about the presidential race.

Protests At Princeton May Lead To Admitting Uncomfortable Truths About Woodrow Wilson

Protests by students at Princeton are causing some people to finally pay attention to some inconvenient truths about America’s 28th President.

The Rug Rat Race

Paradoxically, the children of affluent parents are less happy than those of the poor.

Ted Cruz And The Question Of When A Candidate Is “Qualified” To Be President

Do we really want to put another first-term Senator with no executive experience in the Oval Office? Because beyond the mere legal requirements, it does not appear that Ted Cruz is qualified to be President.

The Ivy League Supreme Court

Every member of the Supreme Court graduated from an Ivy League Law School. That kind of homogeneity is not healthy.

Why Top Students Are Being Rejected by In-State Colleges

Their places are being filled by students who pay higher tuition rates.

The Supreme Court Is The Most Agreeable Place In Washington

Even the most ideologically divided members of the Supreme Court agree with each other 65% of the time.

Harder to Get Job at Walmart Than Admitted to Ivy League School?

.Wonkblog’s “Wal-Mart has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard” is rightly drawing some eye-rolling.

Do What You Hate?

The advice “Do what you love. Love what you do” is not without pitfalls.

Most Commonly Awarded Grade At Harvard Is An ‘A’

Is Harvard University the Lake Wobegon of the Ivy League or are Harvard students really that smart?

The Army’s Leadership Problem

Tim Kane continues his campaign against the US military’s antiquated personnel system.

Pot Calls The Kettle Hack

Alex Pareene’s annual hack list omits an obvious candidate: Alex Pareene.

College and Path Determination in American Economic Life

The best single means of becoming such an economic winner is to gain admission to a top university

Affirmative Action On The Ropes At The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court seems likely to severely limit the use of race-based preferences at public universities

College Bars Going Out of Style?

A wonderfully descriptive story in the New York Times Style section that’s almost surely mere anecdote being touted as trend.

Is Algebra Hurting America?

Andrew Hacker argues that, while quantitative skills are “critical for informed citizenship and personal finance,” making kids master algebra to graduate high school has disastrous consequences.

Why Our Columnists Stink

David Brooks is wistful for the noblesse oblige of the elites of yore.

Are Today’s College Students Dumber and Lazier?

The Wall Street Journal publishes a screed aimed at those about to graduate college.

All Facts Are Not Created Equal

Our psychological and cultural biases make evaluating information and arguments rationally next to impossible.

Massachusetts Democrats Worried About Warren

Elizabeth Warren’s Senate campaign stumbled badly this week.

Ron Paul: America’s Best Bet on Foreign Policy?

When Dan Drezner tweeted “I’m not going to read anything dumber than this today,” my inclination was to scoff. He actually undersold it.

Obama’s Odd Choice for World Bank President

Jim Yong Kim is an impressive man. But he’s got no background in banking, finance, or economics.