Sane Republicans Trying to Take Party Back

Reasonable members of the House GOP caucus are fighting back. Are they outnumbered?

Defense Civilians Could Go Back to Work

The Defense Department might open for business while the rest of government remains shut down.

Shutdown Likely To Drag On For Extended Period

There’s no sign that the government shutdown will end any time soon.

Chris Christie Hits Congress, President Over Shutdown

Chris Christie had some words about the crisis in D.C., and they almost sound like they could be part of a 2016 campaign message

Ted Cruz Working To Undermine Boehner’s Plan On Budget, Debt Ceiling

Ted Cruz is going after the Speaker of the House.

Ted Cruz Tops Poll Of 2016 GOP Contenders

If nothing else, Ted Cruz’s quixotic mission has succeeded in cementing him in the minds of Republican voters.

There (Probably) Won’t Be A Government Shutdown

If recent history is any guide, there won’t really be a government shutdown next week. But, the zealotry of the “defund Obamacare” caucus could change everything.

Republican Plan B: Hold The Debt Ceiling Hostage?

Republicans reportedly have another plan to get what they want on Obamacare and other issues.

Ted Cruz Admits His Plan To Defund Obamacare Won’t Succeed

Ted Cruz becomes a little more honest about his plan to “defund” Obamacare.

House Republicans Try To Placate The “Defund Obamacare” Crowd

The House GOP Leadership didn’t endear itself to the Tea Party today.

Numbers In House Continue To Trend Against Authorizing Syrian Military Strikes

Things aren’t looking good for President Obama in the House of Representatives.

Boehner, Cantor, Pelosi All Support Obama On Syria Strikes

Not surprisingly, Congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle are lining up behind the President in the debate over Syria.

Boehner, Cantor Turned Down Invitation To Speak At MLK Anniversary

And Republicans wonder why they have problems with minority voters.

Republican Infighting Over Ridiculous Government Shutdown Schemes?

There seems to be a divide developing between Republican leadership and the Tea Party over the idea of shutting the government down over Obamacare.

John McCain: Obama’s Secret Weapon?

The president’s 2008 rival has gone from bitter foe to go-to deal broker.

Republican Fight Brewing Over Threatened Government Shutdown

Republicans on Capitol Hill are openly disagreeing with a proposed strategy to threaten a government shutdown if Obamacare isn’t repealed.

Obama’s Pivot To The Economy: More Of The Same

As expected, President Obama’s latest “pivot” to the economy is less than meets the eye.

Ten Years After McCain-Feingold, More Money In Politics Than Ever

The 10th anniversary of McCain-Feingold teaches a lesson we should already have learned.

House GOP Rejects Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Likely Killing Any Reform

The latest House GOP pronouncements on immigration reform make it exceedingly unlikely that any bill will pass this year.

Immigration Reform Bill Passes Senate, Faces Bleak Future In House

The Senate passed an immigration reform bill today, but it’s not going to go anywhere.

Farm Bill Failure Shows House GOP Leadership Doesn’t Really Control The House GOP Caucus

It looks for all the world as if the House GOP Caucus isn’t really under the control of the leadership.

Edward Snowden Did Not Commit Treason

Edward Snowden has likely violated many laws, but, absent additional facts, treason is not one of them.

Do Personal Relationships Matter In International, Or Domestic, Politics?

Does it matter if political leaders like each other on some personal level? Sometimes it does.

John Boehner’s Narrow Path To Immigration Reform

John Boehner clearly wants to see an immigration bill passed this year, but he has a very narrow path to victory.

Speaker Boehner: We’ll Have Immigration Reform This Year

Speaker Boehner seems confident that immigration reform will become law this year, but his confidence may be premature.

Congress Wants Exemption from ObamaCare Exchanges (Or Does It?)

There’s bipartisan agreement on Capitol Hill that they don’t want to participate in ObamaCare.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Dakota Tribal Wisdom Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Republican Hill Staffers Jumping Ship

Frustrated Republican health care staffers are leaving the Hill for lucrative positions on K Street.

The Sequester, Moving Goalposts, and the 2012 Elections

Ezra Klein argues that the voters already decided how the sequestration fight should play out.

952 Days Since Congress Passed Major Law

t’s been more than two-and-a half years since the United States passed major legislation.

Obama, GOP Battle Over Sequestration Cuts

The sequestration cuts are fast approaching, and the political battle is continuing.

Republicans Foolishly Risking Default To Prove A Political Point

Once again, the House GOP is risking sending the economy into the tank to prove a political point.

John Boehner’s Side of the Fiscal Cliff Story

The Speaker’s version of what went down during the negotiations does not make the Speaker look good.

The House GOP’s Nihilistic Anarchism

The House GOP is moving in an ever more dangerous direction.

The Debt Ceiling and the Remainder of the Fiscal Cliff

Are we really going to do this again? The answer appears to be yes.