National Republicans Abandoning Joe Miller?

National Republicans are reportedly abandoning Joe Miller’s Senate campaign at the last minute out of fear that only Lisa Murkowski can stop Alaska’s Senate seat from falling into Democratic hands. That could have a serious impact down the road for relations between inside-the-beltway Republicans and the Tea Party.

Murkowski Stripped of Committee Post?

The Republican Leadership is treating Lisa Murkowski very differently than the Democrats handled Joe Lieberman in 2006.

GOP Leader Downplays 2010 Expectations

You heard it here first, the GOP will not gain control of Congress in 2010.

Democrats Seeing Wall Street Backlash?

Two widely-hyped reports have Wall Street firms donating less money to Democrats as payback for financial reform efforts. But a closer look reveals no such thing.

Kagan Ends Testimony With Confirmation Assured

Not surprisingly, Elena Kagan finished her testimony without giving any real ammunition to the Republicans.

Bush Pardons Sparingly

Trent Lott Resigning