On Marco Rubio And The Issue Of Missed Senate Votes

Marco Rubio is taking heat for missing a lot of Senate votes since he started running for President, but he’s not really any worse than other legislators who have run for President.

Free John Edwards?

John Edwards is a pathetic human being, but that doesn’t mean he’s necessarily a criminal.

Paul Ryan’s $350 Wine v. John Edwards’ $400 Haircut

So, apparently, Paul Ryan has expensive tastes in wine.

U.S. v. John Edwards: Both Sides Are Rolling The Dice

Both sides in the John Edwards case are heading into uncharted territory.

John Edwards’ $400 Haircut Led to Indictment

By now, everyone knows that John Edwards was indicted on campaign finance law violations stemming from the cover-up of the Rielle Hunter love child scandal. Most, too, recall the brouhaha over Edwards’ $400 haircuts. As it turns out, they’re at least tangentially related.

Why Not Hillary?