Santa’s a Socialist

And other tales from the AK special election.

Sidney Poitier, 1927-2022

A pioneering Black actor is gone at 94.

Evangelical Politics in the Time of Polarization and Covid

A piece in The Atlantic inspires thoughts.

Conspiracy Theories Are Not Funny

Conspiracy theories are poisoning the United States. That’s no joke.

Kobe Bryant Killed in Helicopter Crash

The basketball legend and his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, were among five fatalities.

Columnist Calls for Taking John Wayne’s Name Off Orange County Airport

It turns out, The Duke wasn’t all that woke.

Trump Aides Nix Idea Of Going To Charlottesville

“Why the hell would we do that?” — White House official.

Donald Trump Shrugging Donald Trump Shrugging

Gary Cooper, Woody Allen, and Trump (Oh My!)

Wherein Noonan writes an odd column that reaches the right conclusion.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Thick and The Dead Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Extreme Fitness Obsession

Heather Havrilesky asks, “Why Are Americans So Fascinated With Extreme Fitness?

Die Hard’s Enduring Appeal

An excellent essay by Adam Sternbergh “On the Enduring Appeal of ‘Die Hard.'”

50 Greatest Films of All Time (Mostly Another Time)

“Vertigo” has ended “the 50-year reign” of “Citizen Kane,” which has dropped to second place.

General John Shalikashvili Dead at 75

A legendary American soldier, General John Shalikashvili, has died.

James Arness Dead at 88

James Arness, best known as the iconic Marshal Dillon on Gunsmoke, has died at 88.

Sarah Palin Movie: The Undefeated

Sarah Palin has commissioned a film to bolster her reputation. This is very intriguing on a number of levels.

Leading From Behind: To Where?

An aide’s compliment about the president “leading from behind” has generated controversy.

25 Greatest Americans

The competition for 25 Greatest Americans was steep. Only 3/4 of Mount Rushmore made the cut.

Not Every Soldier Is A “Hero”

Contrary to what you read on bumper stickers, retired Lt. Col William Astore argues that not every soldier is a hero. He’s right.

Christopher Hitchens Has Cancer

Christopher Hitchens has esophageal cancer.

Manly Thoughts

Quiet Heroism