Today’s Reverse Freedom Rides

A shameful stunt reminiscent of an even darker era.

What’s Kyrsten Sinema’s Game?

The political calculus of Arizona’s senior Senator is unclear.

Punishing the Virtuous to Protect the Jerks

It’s time for our political leaders to grow a spine.

The Consolidation of Journalism

The Internet killed the newspaper without really replacing it.

President Joe Biden takes notes doing a G7 Leaders’ Virtual Meeting Friday, Feb. 19, 2021, in the White House Situation Room. President Joe Biden takes notes doing a G7 Leaders’ Virtual Meeting Friday, Feb. 19, 2021, in the White House Situation Room.

Biden’s Last Hurrah?

Is the stimulus bill it for this administration?

Biden’s Name Won’t Be on Checks

Is humility the wrong play here?

IMHO boggle honest truth IMHO boggle honest truth

Honestly without Anonymity

Can there be truth when there are consequences?

Sweden’s COVID Response: So Far, Not Good

Vastly more people died than needed to and the economy still crashed.

Military Deployment To Southern Border Extended Through End Of Year

Defense Secretary James Mattis has announced that the deployment of U.S. troops to the Mexican border will be extended through the end of this year.

Trump Sending 5,200 Troops To Border In Response To Non-Existent ‘Caravan’ Threat

President Trump wants to send more troops than we have in Syria and Iraq combined to the border to deal with a non-existent threat.

Two More Potential Explosive Devices Discovered In Florida, New York

Two more potential explosive devices, addressed to New Jersey Senator Cory Booker and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, have been discovered by law enforcement.

Anthony Kennedy’s Son Loaned Trump One Billlllllion Dollars

A really weird detail buried in a New York Times story about President Trump’s efforts to get the Justice to retire.

Trump Not Simply Violating ‘Norms’

An important message from Josh Marshall.

Trump Wants To Send Troops To The Border; That’s A Bad Idea

President Trump wants to send the military to the Mexican border. This is both unnecessary and a bad idea.

Polling Shows Alabama Senate Race May Be Slipping Away From Roy Moore

Could the tide be turning in the Alabama Senate race against Roy Moore? At least some polling indicates the answer could be yes.

Donald Trump’s European Vacation

Donald Trump’s first overseas trip went about as badly as you’d expect it would.

Judge Gorsuch Parts With Trump On Attacks On Judiciary

Judge Gorsuch isn’t much of a fan of Donald Trump’s comments about the judiciary.

Trump, Populism, and Anti-Semitic Dog Whistles

Distinguishing between anti-elite populism and coded anti-Semitism is next to impossible.

Trump, Cruz, and Rubio Continue to Exchange Attacks In Eleventh Republican Debate

With time running out, the top three candidates for the Republican nomination picked up right where they left off last week.

Gloves Come Off Against Trump In Tenth Republican Debate, But Is It Too Little, Too Late?

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz landed some punches on Donald Trump last night, but it’s doubtful that they changed the nature of the race.

Third Republican Debate: CNBC Loses, Rubio and Christie Win

The worst-moderated debate thus far may have reordered the field.

Gun Rights and Political Identity

Linking view on guns to political self-identity.

It Won’t Be Easy For Republicans To Get Rid Of Donald Trump

Despite his remarks about John McCain, Donald Trump is likely to be around for some time to come.

The Anti-Vaccination Thing

The debate over whether kids need to be vaccinated against communicable diseases baffles me.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 And The Future Of The Conflict In Ukraine

Yesterday’s events are likely to be a game changer, but how the game plays out depends largely on how Europe reacts.

Guardians Of “Traditional” Media Once Again Bar SCOTUSBlog From Getting Press Credentials

A committee of journalists who work in the “traditional” media has once again denied press credentials to SCOTUSBlog.

What Will SCOTUS Do On Same-Sex Marriage?

Sooner or later, the Supreme Court will have to rule on a challenge to state laws banning same-sex marriage.

Who Cares Who Edits The New York Times?

The editors of our great newspapers are interchangeable.

Jonathan Pollard To Be Freed As Part Of Middle East Peace Deal?

Middle East peace talks are apparently in such bad shape that the U.S. is thinking of releasing Jonathan Pollard as an incentive to Israel.

President Obama Delivers Low-Key, Low-Ambition State Of The Union

The President’s sixth State Of The Union Address was fairly low-key.

Ezra Klein Going Solo

Wonkblog’s founder is leaving the Washington Post to start a new media outlet of his own.

Jawa Report Turns 10

Blogging has changed much over the last decade, and not all for the good.

Media Coverage Of Ted Cruz v. Media Coverage Of Wendy Davis

Can differences in media coverage of two unrelated filibusters be explained solely by media bias?

Guns and Tribalism

Josh Marshall explains what it’s like to be a non-gun person in a very pro-gun culture.

The Debt Ceiling And The 14th Amendment

Resurrecting and old, and bad, idea.

Andrew Sullivan Gives The Boeing Back

The world’s most prolific blogger is leaving corporate media and opening the tip jar.

2012 County-By-County Map Weighted By Population

A pointillist look at the 2012 election results, which does a fairer job of illustrating where, how many, and how people voted in the election

Democrats And The White Vote

President Obama is likely to win re-election while overwhelmingly losing the white vote. Does it matter?

Obama Meets With Liberal Journalists!

President Obama had some prominent liberal journalists over for coffee.

The Anglo-Saxon Outrage Of The Day

Two words spoken by a Romney aide have led to a ridiculous firestorm on the right, while the rest of their comments are being ignored.

Breaking and Unbreaking News in Twitter Time

Within an hour last evening, I passed along and retracted two breaking news stories on Twitter.

TPM Victim of DDOS Attack

Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall confirms that his site has been down since 5 pm owing to a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack.

Jon Huntsman: Moderate Who’s Really Conservative?

That a popular two-term governor of Utah is being rejected by likely Republican primary voters as insufficiently conservative shows just how extreme American politics has gotten.

Huntsman: I Believe in Evolution and Trust Scientists

Jon Huntsman just tweeted, “To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy.”

Public Employee Bargaining Rights

The map of states which allow collective bargaining for public sector employees doesn’t match up well with the map of right-to-work states.

Fixing Diplomacy and Development on the Cheap

State and AID budgets are a rounding error in the Defense budget.

WikiLeaks and Journalism’s Future

Has WikiLeaks changed journalism forever?

Justifying Marijuana Laws

The mental gymnastics people go through to justify their position on marijuana legalization are exhausting.