Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Targeted In Apparent Assassination Attempt

Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro survived an apparent, albeit amateurish, assassination attempt yesterday in what could be a sign of underlying instability in Venezuela.

Trump Once Again Reveals His Horrible Foreign Policy Instincts

Donald Trump had to be talked down from considering military intervention in Venezuela.

Trump and Latin America

Trump isn’t going to win any regional popularity awards in LA.

Joe Lieberman For F.B.I Director?

For some reason, Joe Lieberman is apparently the front-runner to replace James Comey at the F.B.I.

On Referenda

One Major Step Closer to Peace in Colombia

The final major piece of the negotiations between the FARC and the Colombian government appears to be in place.

Mexico’s Supreme Court Opens The Door To Marijuana Legalization

A decision from Mexico’s Supreme Court has opened the door to legalization of marijuana south of the border, but it’s likely to proceed much slower than in the United States or Canada.

Major Step Forward for Colombian Peace Process

Peace between the FARC and the Colombian state appears nigh.

Santos Sworn in

Colombia’s Presidential Elections

Looking back at the first round and forward to the second.

The USA v. the FARC

Newly disclosed details about the US role in Colombia.

Latin American Leaders Question War On Drugs In U.N. Speeches

Our War On Drugs is having a disastrous impact on our neighbors to the south, and they’re starting to notice.

A Crack in the Logic of the Drug War Coalition?

Well, maybe a tiny one.

FARC Commander Killed

The FARC now has an opening for supreme commander.

Strategic Picking and Choosing on the Route to the Nomination

The GOP contenders are starting the regular ritual of decided how to navigate our rather odd nomination process.

Hillary, Hugo, and that Diplomacy Thing

Diplomacy means having to be nice.

US-Colombian Basing Deal Unconstitutional

Colombia’s Constitutional Court has struck down a US basing rights deal.

Understanding Hugo Chávez Requires More than a Few Grains of Salt

Remember when dealing with the utterances of Hugo Chávez that you should take them with a grain of salt (or twelve).

Colombia has a New President

Colombia has sworn in a new president. And so begins the Santos era as the Uribe era heads for the history books.