Biden First Since Reagan to Get All Cabinet Picks Confirmed

The seemingly unremarkable event hadn’t happened in four decades.

Mike Pompeo Passes On Senate Run In Kansas

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will not be running for Senate despite urging from Republicans in Washington and back in Kansas,

The Bob Menendez Trial Is Set To Begin, And It Could Have Big Implications In Washington

As Congress heads back to work, a corruption trial in New Jersey could have big implications for what happens on Capitol Hill.

Senator Bob Menendez To Reportedly Face Federal Corruption Charges

A powerful Democratic Senator looks like he’s about to be in a whole lot of trouble.

NBC Courted Jon Stewart For Meet The Press

A desperation move by NBC News?

CVS To Stop Selling Tobacco Products

CVS makes a business decision that is earning it kudos for the most part.

Administration Creates Yet Another Partial Delay Of Obamacare Provision, Rule Of Law Suffers

Once again, the Administration has unilaterally changed the Affordable Care Act.

Thanksgiving Eve News Dump: Another ObamaCare Provision Delayed For A Year

The Obama White House dropped some big news as everyone headed out of town.

Report: White House Warned In March About Health Care Website Problems

The mounting troubles of the PPACA continue.

When Is Obama Going To Fire Somebody?

It is clear the President has been failed by those under him. So, when is someone going to pay the price?

Obamacare October Enrollment Numbers Fall Far Short Of Goal

As expected, the enrollment numbers for Obamacare are far below where they were expected to be.

Roughly 40,000 People Have Enrolled In Obamacare To Date

Things don’t seem to be going well for the Affordable Care Act.

A Day Of Glitches For Day One Of Obamacare’s Exchange Websites

Day One of the Obamacare online “marketplaces” is proving to be a bit of a bumpy ride.

Organ Transplants, Medical Ethics, And Children

Getting the courts involved in the organ transplant issue could end up being a huge mistake.

Obama Administration Changes Strategy, Drops Age Restrictions For Morning After Pill

The Administration has accepted reality in its fight against a ruling that made the “morning after” pill available regardless of age.

AP: Administration Officials Using Secret Email Addresses

Several top Administration officials have secret email addresses, the Associated Press reports.

Federal Judge Voids FDA Rule Barring Minors From “Morning After” Pill

A Federal Judge has stepped into a Culture War minefield, but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong.

Obama Hit For Lack Of Diversity In Reshuffled Cabinet

President Obama is taking some heat over the fact that his Second Term cabinet selections have been very white and very male.

Does A President’s Cabinet Even Matter Anymore?

The President’s Cabinet is less a Team Of Rivals and more a Team Of Managers.

White House’s Revised Contraceptive Proposal Unlikely To Satisfy Critics

The Obama Administration’s proposed solution to the impasse over contraceptives is unlikely to end the debate.

Obama Scraps Long-Term Health Coverage Before It Starts

One of the less ballyhooed parts of ObamaCare has been tossed aside as too expensive before it even went into effect.

Is Washington Fighting The Wrong Economic War?

While unemployment remains stubbornly high, Washington is spending its time fighting over the budget deficit

Who is Publius? or, Who’s Afraid of Anonymous Political Speech?

Reason’s Meredith Bragg and Nick Gillespie have a pretty amusing rejoinder to the Obama administration’s attempts to smear the anonymous funding of television ads opposed to their agenda in a video titled “Who is Publius? or, Who’s Afraid of Anonymous Political Speech?”

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