Virginia Governor’s Race Now Looks Like A Democratic Win

Absent an unlikely major change, it looks like the Democrats will win the Governor’s race in Virginia

The GOP’s Seinfeld Shutdown

The GOP’s shutdown was about as pointless as a show about waiting for a table in a Chinese restaurant.

McAuliffe Still Leading In Virginia Polls, Cuccinelli Scaling Back Ad Buys?

The Virginia Governor’s race may be slipping too far for Republicans to pull off a victory.

Government Shutdown Hurting Republicans In Virginia Governor’s Race

The government shutdown seems to be having an impact on the one competitive statewide race in country this year.

Ken Cuccinelli Distancing Himself From National GOP On Shutdown

The Republican candidate for Governor of Virginia wants a quick end to the Government Shutdown.

Sane Republicans Trying to Take Party Back

Reasonable members of the House GOP caucus are fighting back. Are they outnumbered?

Virginia Governor’s Race Tightens, Libertarian Robert Sarvis A Factor

The race for Governor in Virginia is tightening, and Libertarian Party nominee Robert Sarvis is one of the reasons why.

Big Money Republicans Not Giving To Ken Cuccinelli

Potential trouble for Virginia’s Republican nominee for Governor.

More Trouble For Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell

The drip, drip, drip in Richmond is turning into a flood.

Virginia Governor’s Race Nasty, They Say

TIME says Cuccinelli vs. McAuliffe is “The Dirtiest, Nastiest, Low-Down Campaign In America.”

McAuliffe Leading Virginia Governor’s Race Between Two Guys Voters Don’t Like

Virginia’s voters really don’t seem to like their choices for Governor.

The Virginia GOP’s E.W. Jackson Problem

The Virginia GOP’s nominee for Lt. Governor could pose a problem for the party.

GOP Lt. Governor May Run As Independent In Va. Governor’s Race

Virginia’s Governor’s race may be about to get very interesting.

Chris Christie Is Looking Unbeatable

Chris Christie looks unstoppable in his bid for re-election

Virginia GOP Goes Redder as State Goes Purple

The bizarre dynamics of Virginia politics.

The Fight Against Obamacare Died On Election Night

Any chance that the Affordable Care Act will be repealed died with the re-election of Barack Obama. But, there are other fights to come.

Virginia’s Foolish Personhood Law

Virginia has become the latest battleground for advocates of laws that define life as being at conception.

A Different Kind Of Presidential Forum

Last night’s Huckabee Presidential Forum was different, and surprisingly substantive.

Fourth Circuit Tosses Challenges To Affordable Care Act, Declines To Rule On Merits

Both Virginia lawsuits challenging the Affordable Care Act have been dismissed by a Federal Appeals Court.

Fourth Circuit Hears Arguments In Heath Care Reform Lawsuits

The first round of appellate arguments over the Constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act took place today in Richmond, Virginia.

Supreme Court Rejects Virginia’s Petition For Expedited Review Of ObamaCare Lawsuit

The challenges to the Affordable Care Act will remain in the Courts of Appeals for now, but they’re still on a pretty fast track.

White House To Supreme Court: Not So Fast On That ObamaCare Lawsuit

The Federal Government has filed its response to Virginia’s request for an expedited review of Virginia v. Sebelius, and they’ve got an compelling argument against rushing things.

Virginia To Seek Expedited SCOTUS Review Of Lawsuit Against Individual Mandate

Virginia will petition the Supreme Court to bypass the normal appellate process and hear the appeal of its lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act early.

Webb – Allen Rematch in 2012?

Virginian Republicans have heard of George Allen and not Eric Cantor, Ken Cuccinelli, Bill Bolling, Tom Davis, or Bob Marshall.

Federal Judge Denies Motion To Dismiss Virginia’s ObamaCare Lawsuit

A Federal District Court Judge has allowed a lawsuit against the Obama Administration’s health care reform law filed by the Commonwealth of Virginia to proceed.

Health Care Reform Faces First Courtroom Challenge

The health care reform law faced it’s first legal test in a Courtroom in Virginia yesterday.