House To Vote On Budget That Makes A Government Shutdown More Likely

The House is going to make it more likely that we see a government shutdown at the end of the month.

Numbers In House Continue To Trend Against Authorizing Syrian Military Strikes

Things aren’t looking good for President Obama in the House of Representatives.

Farm Bill Failure Shows House GOP Leadership Doesn’t Really Control The House GOP Caucus

It looks for all the world as if the House GOP Caucus isn’t really under the control of the leadership.

John Boehner’s Narrow Path To Immigration Reform

John Boehner clearly wants to see an immigration bill passed this year, but he has a very narrow path to victory.

Inside The Ridiculous Attempted Coup Against John Boehner

The attempted coup against John Boehner resembled something you’d see in a banana republic.

Is Boehner’s Position As Speaker In Danger?

Last night’s defeat of “Plan B” demonstrated yet again that John Boehner does not really control his caucus.

The GOP Has Lost The Argument Over The HHS Birth Control Mandate

The argument over contraceptive coverage mandates has not gone well for conservatives.

Obama Presidency Still Polarizing, Bipartisanship Still Dead

American politics is as polarized as ever, and it shows no signs of changing regardless of who wins in November.

That’s Just Weird (House GOP’s Movie Clip for Inspiration)

Somebody has an odd idea of “inspirational.”

Chances Of Long Term Debt Deal Collapse Amid Mutual Recrimination

It’s still politics as usual in Washington.

State Of The Union Seating: Phony Theatrics For Pointless Theater

Bipartisan seating at the State Of The Union is a pointless act of political theater. Then again, so is the State Of The Union Address itself.

Bachmann v. Hensarling A Microcosm Of Internal GOP Battles

The race between Jeb Hensarling and Michelle Bachmann for Chair of the House GOP Conference is a microcosm for a battle that is likely to take place within the GOP for the next two years.