Federal Appeals Court Holds California Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

A victory for proponents of same-sex marriage today in the Ninth Circuit.

Clint Eastwood Chrysler Super Bowl Ad Becomes Political Football

Was Clint Eastwood’s Chrysler ad a political message, or just a well done commercial?

Why Not Huntsman?

ACORN Behind Occupy Movement, Right Wing Media Charges

Unnamed “sources” claim that ACORN is somehow behind Occupy Wall Street and its offshoots.

Romney Plays It Safe In Ohio On Public Union Ballot Issue, But Is It Too Safe?

Mitt Romney played it safe on a controversial issue again.

FTAs Pass

After a lengthy wait, free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea have been approved by Congress.

The Incoherent Agenda Of Occupy Wall Street

Judging them by their own manifesto, the Occupy Wall Street protesters are pretty silly people.

Occupy Wall Street Not Our Arab Awakening

A meme is emerging that the Occupy Wall Street protests are America’s version of the Arab Awakening. That meme must die.

Chris Christie And Other Weighty Issues

Chris Christie’s weight has become a political concern, apparently.

Obama’s Bridge Collapse

President Obama would like to sell you something.

86% Approve of Black-White Marriages

Support for interracial marriage is now almost universal across America.

Political Fantasy World

It never ceases to amaze me how many smart people manage to believe, against all evidence to the contrary, that their political philosophy has massive support.

Very Little Of What U.S. Consumers Spend Goes Toward Stuff Made In China

What you think you know about the U.S.-China trade relationship may not be entirely true.

FAA Funding Remains In Limbo As Congress Goes On Vacation

Congress is failing to complete even simple tasks thanks to a bitter partisan divide.

U.S. Government Sells Chrysler Stake, Losses Higher Than Reported

On paper, the U.S. lost $1.3 billion on the Chrysler bankruptcy, but the true cost is far higher than that.

Republican Governors Remarkably Unpopular

Are the new crop of GOP governors too conservative?

Hyatt Turns Heat Lamps on Strikers

Workers picketing a Chicago Hyatt hotel yesterday got an unpleasant surprise: Heat lamps.

Al Franken Distorts CDC Study to Claim Distortion of Study

Senator Al Franken called Focus on the Family’s Tom Minnery a liar in yesterday’s hearing on DOMA. Franken was the one being dishonest.

Stephen Colbert PAC Authorized by FEC

The Stephen Colbert Super PAC that began as a satire has now been blessed by the real FEC. What exactly this means is not yet clear.

Barack Obama Continues To Vote “Present” On Same-Sex Marriage

Not exactly an example of moral leadership.

New York State Senate Passes Same-Sex Marriage Law

A victory for marriage equality in the Empire State.

Bankruptcy Court Declares DOMA Unconstitutional

A very provocative decision on same-sex marriage from an unlikely source.

Postal Service Nears Collapse

Business Week’s cover story examines the coming implosion of the US Postal Service as we know it.

Navy Chaplains May Perform Gay Marriages

The Navy is considering allowing its chaplains to perform same-sex marriages once “Dont ask, Don’t tell” ends.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Bring Out Your Dead Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Copious Quantities of Casuistry

Judge Sumi’s TROs arise from a veritable cornucopia of error.

Political Warfare in WI

Is asking to see a professor’s e-mails a legitimate open records request or is it an attempt at silencing a critic?