A Word About Jumping To Conclusions, Boston Edition

There’s a lot we still don’t know about what happened in Boston, so maybe it’s time to stop speculating.

Freedom Of Speech Under Attack

Increasingly, the right of people to speak is being sacrificed in the name of “tolerance” and “security.”

Was The Revolution A Mistake?

Were the Colonists wrong to toss aside the British Empire so casually?

Sandra Fluke Not So Much A Fan Of Free Speech, Apparently

At least one law student needs a refresher course in the First Amendment.

Bill Maher, Rush Limbaugh, and the Standards of Discourse

Sure, he routinely uses gender-specific slurs against conservative women. But he’s not a misogynist!

They’re Making Me Defend Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh may be a jerk, but he has a right to be a jerk.

Camping Out In A Park Is Not A First Amendment Right

The Occupy movement is starting to face the reality that they really aren’t engaging in protected speech.

Herman Cain Goes For the “Nuts Or Sluts” Defense

Herman Cain response to the latest round of allegations against him leaves much to be desired.

Herman Cain Now Says He Might Sue Politico

When in trouble, sue the messenger.

F*ck the military, f*ck your flag, f*ck the police

A video from Occupy Dayton in which a protestor is shouting “F*ck the military, f*ck your flag, f*ck the police!” is going viral.

Supreme Court To Rule On Constitutionality Of Stolen Valor Act

The Supreme Court will have another interesting First Amendment case on its docket this Term.

Is “Twitter Stalking” Free Speech?

A case pending in Maryland raises the question of when boorish online behavior crosses the line from protected speech to criminal act.

Former Congressman’s Defamation Suit Against Pro-Life Group To Proceed

A somewhat surprising First Amendment decision arising out of the 2010 Elections.

Blaming Extreme Rhetoric for Extreme Acts

News that Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik was a fan of anti-Islamist sites, including Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch and Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs has opened a big can of schadenfreude.

Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, And Post-Debate Calculus

Will last night’s debate have any influence on the potential candidates who weren’t there?

Jerry Seinfeld Can Mock Missy Chase Lapine

A New York judge has sided with comedian Jerry Seinfeld in a bizarre lawsuit by a crazy woman who writes cookbooks.

Should Bad Acts Survive Into Death?

A suit against a newspaper for not removing an old story about a college football player was tossed.


Didn’t we just talk about this?

Michelle Obama “Linked” to Pedestrian Deaths

Pedestrian fatalities are up. Experts blame Michelle Obama.

Sarah Palin Responds To The Response Over Her Response To The Arizona Shootings

Sarah Palin was “interviewed” by Sean Hannity last night. I doubt she helped herself.

Diagnosing The Odd Relationship Between Sarah Palin And The Media

The American media and Sarah Palin have developed an odd symbiotic relationship, and it’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

Kristol on Palin’s Speech (and Hume on her Presidential Ambitions)

Both Bill Kristol and Brit Hume had interesting observations about Palin’s “blood libel” speech today on FNS.

The End Of Sarah Palin?

One columnist argues that Sarah Palin’s response to the Arizona shootings mark the end of whatever political future she might have had. He’s probably correct.

Palin’s Missed Opportunity

Palin’s “blood libel” speech continued to keep here in the conversation about Tucson, and not in a positive way.

Sarah Palin Blasts Media For “Blood Libel” Against Her Over Arizona Shootings

Sarah Palin released a statement today about the Arizona shootings and the debate that has followed. It’s unlikely to help her.

A Simple Example of Constitutional Interpretation

Constitutional interpretation is easy, right?

Ohio Congressman Sues Pro-Life Group After Election Defeat

Ohio Congressman Steve Driehaus is suing a pro-life PAC for “defamation” and “loss of livelihood” over its role in his defeat in the 2010 Elections.

Gingrich Draws Fire For Remarks About Obama’s “Kenyan Worldview”

Newt Gingrich is drawing fire for his comments about that the President has a “Kenyan world view.” But, will Newt every pay the price for his inflammatory rhetoric ? Don’t count on it.

WikiLeaks Publishes 90,000 Stolen Classified Documents

The scumbags at WikiLeaks have published a huge trove of classified documents provided to them by one or more traitors in our military.

Blogger Ethics And The Breitbart/Sherrod Story

There are some lessons for the blogosphere in this week’s Andrew Breitbart dust-up.

JournoList: Conspiracy, Scandal, Or Locker Room Trash Talk ?

JournoList’s archives have been making headlines at The Daily Caller, but there doesn’t seem to be any substance to the allegations of scandal.

Blogger Unions