Taking Power Away From Doctors Makes Medical Care More Efficient

In, “Squeezing out the doctor,” The Economist looks at the future of medicine and sees a declining role for physicians.

Voter Registration Restrictions and Representative Democracy

We should want more voters, not less, if we actually value representaitve democracy.

The War On Small Business

Trying to open a new business can be a massive and costly headache.

Apple’s Odd New Patent And What It Says About Our Patent Laws

A new patent granted to Apple raises once again the question of how far patent protections should extend.

Explaining Obama’s Medical Marijuana Crackdown

Obama’s Justice Department continues its crackdown on medical marijuana, despite campaign promises to the contrary.

Gardasil and the GOP

The Hoover Institution’s Henry I. Miller, MD takes to National Review to take on the subject of “Gardasil and the GOP.”

Overpaid Bureaucrats

Government workers are among society’s favorite whipping boys. Why?

Tim Pawlenty In Hot Water Over Use Of “Miracle On Ice” Footage

A new Tim Pawlenty television ad is raising copyright issues rather than, as intended, bringing back memories of the 80s.

Can Government Get out of the Marriage Business?

Government is inextricably linked to the marriage business.

Does Tim Pawlenty Have A Willie Horton Problem?

Tim Pawlenty may face trouble from a pardon he issued while he was Governor of Minnesota.

Explaining Trump

When one realizes that Trump is basically a brand, rather than anything else, his PR foray into politics makes more sense.

Disclosure Doesn’t End Conflicts of Interest

Requiring people with ethical conflicts to disclose them leads to more bad behavior, not less, a new study finds.

WKRP and Stupid Copyright Laws

The iconic WKRP in Cincinnati is not being syndicated or available on DVD in its original format because it’s classic rock soundtrack is hamstrung by copyright laws and music licensing fees.

The Size of Government Is a Non-Issue: A Late Night, Caffeinated Manifesto

It’s not the size of your government that counts — it’s what you do with it that matters.

Cutting the Budget

Viacom: YouTube Ruling ‘Completely Destroys’ Copyright

Viacom says a lower court ruling in favor of Google “would radically transform the functioning of the copyright system and severely impair, if not completely destroy, the value of many copyrighted creations.”

Fixing the Copyright System

The American copyright system is broken. Cory Doctorow offers some useful suggestions for fixing it.

IRS Considers Licensing Tax Preparers, Exempting Lawyers

The IRS wants to license tax preparers but exempt lawyers and CPAs from the requirement.

Patent System Broken

Despite constantly hiring more examiners, the patent application backlog is 728,044 and it takes 6 years to get a decision.

College Athletics Losing Money

Despite raking in billions of dollars in television, ticket, and licensing revenues, all but 14 of the 106 schools in the NCAA’s top athletic division lost money in 2009. The median loss was over $10 million.

Licensing Barbers

Why do we need to license barbers, again?

When Government Hands You Lemons

According to health inspectors in Portland, Oregon, this little girl is potentially a threat to your health and safety.

Wal-Marting of Weed

Oakland marijuana growers worry that regulation will turn their product from a niche specialty to a mass market commodity.

Virginia Privatizing Alcohol Sales?

Virginia’s governor wants the state to get out of the liquor business after 76 years. It’s about time.

Football 1959

NFL Betting