Democrats May Be Short On Votes For Filibuster Reform

Harry Reid appears to be short of the votes he needs to enact filibuster reform.

Would Republicans Eliminate The Filibuster? Could They?

How likely is it that a GOP Senate would eliminate the filibuster? Not very.

Democrats Filibuster Reform Package: On The Whole, A Good Idea

The filibuster reform package that Senate Democrats unveiled yesterday has much to recommend to it. Unfortunately, it’s probably doomed.

Can Senate Democrats Eliminate The Filibuster? Should They?

With Democrats set to maintain their majority in the Senate, some on the left are pushing for filibuster reform. However, it seems unlikely that Harry Reid has the votes to change a long-standing Senate rule.

Senate Fails To Invoke Cloture On Defense Bill, DADT Repeal

The effort to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell suffered a setback in the Senate today that likely delays any further moves on the issue until after the midterm elections.

Democrats Lack Votes For Filibuster Reform

Much to the disappointment of Ezra Klein and others, it’s unlikely that Democrats will have the votes necessary to change the filibuster when the 112th Congress convenes.