Signs Your Sign Will Go Viral

A cute protest sign based on a blog quip has created a minor internet sensation.

Pedestrian Safety: Preventable Deaths?

Thousands of pedestrians are killed in America each year. Are we doing enough about it?

Technology and Currency

Have credit cards and ATMs eliminated the value of large currency zones?

Charity Without The Middle Man?

Why not just give poor people money rather than start up big charities?

The Security State

The People In Charge telling us that something is Necessary For Our Own Good makes a large number of people accepting of the inconvenience, no matter how asinine or unsupported by evidence.

Social Security Payouts Too Low

While Social Security has radically lowered the elderly poverty rate, it hasn’t eliminated it. Should we do more?

I See White People

The Republican “Pledge to America” is chock full of photographs of Real Americans. And they’re disproportionately old white people.

When Will Brits Learn Proper English?

Should proper nouns be exempt from local spelling conventions?

Those Overeducated Ethiopians

Bryan Caplan argues that the fact so many kids in the developing world don’t go to school proves that education isn’t very valuable.

American Taliban, Liberal Fascism, and Judging a Book By Its Title

Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas’ new book, AMERICAN TALIBAN: HOW WAR, SEX, SIN, AND POWER BIND JIHADISTS AND THE RADICAL RIGHT, continues a long tradition in political polemics.

Christiane Amanpour’s “This Week” Debut

ABC’s Sunday talking heads show has a new host. Is she a secret Taliban sympathizer?

Conservative Media Bias

Conservatives have long complained about liberal media bias. But conservative media seems to be much worse.

Seat Hogs: Subway Villains?

WaPo’s Breaking News Blog highlights a story that is, well, hardly breaking news: inconsiderate people on the DC subway.

Liz Lemon Ugly

A Few Euros Short

Terrorism Math

Detroit Terror Plot

Is America Ungovernable?

Housing as an Investment

White Cities

9/12 Protests