Trump Refused to Call Off Capitol Rioters

Details of a heated phone discussion with the top House Republican have emerged.

Women Competing With Porn?

Maureen Dowd blames the Internet for women having sex with men they find unattractive.

Donald Trump’s Politically Stupid Attack On A Grieving Family

Of course Donald Trump responded to a Gold Star Father in the worst possible way.

Joe Biden Announces He’s Not Running For President

To the surprise of nobody who was actually paying attention to political reality, Vice-President Biden announced today that he will not be a candidate for President.

Joe Biden’s Behind The Scenes Political Chess

With time running out for him to make a decision, a new report shows how deeply Vice President Biden has been in stirring up the speculation that is now surrounding him.

The Biden Speculation Continues

Thanks in part to a slow summer news cycle, the speculation about Vice-President Biden entering the race for President seems to be reaching a fever pitch.

As Hillary Clinton’s Poll Numbers Drop, Is A Biden Candidacy Becoming More Likely?

The reports about Vice-President Biden possibly entering the Presidential race continue to persist.

Joe Biden Is Thinking About Taking On Hillary Clinton

Reports are saying that Joe Biden is taking another look at running for the Democratic nomination for President. But would he really do it?

Would Congress Really Refuse To Invite Obama To Give The State Of The Union?

Some on the right are suggesting that Congress retaliate against the President’s executive action on immigration by refusing to invite him to give the State Of The Union Address.

Is A Stronger Executive The Cure For What Ails American Government?

David Brooks thinks that the problem with American Government is that the Presidency isn’t strong enough.

Yet Again, Institutional Design Matters

It would be nice if columnists for major newspapers would consult political science, rather than Hollywood, for their understanding of our system.

Maureen Dowd Discovers That Barack Obama Is Neither Andrew Shepherd Nor Josiah Bartlett

If you want to understand contemporary politics, the last thing you should do is reference an Andrew Sorkin project.

Dowd on Gingrich

Looking at the intellectual jumble that is the mind of Newt.

Can A President Become Irrelevant?

No matter how weak he becomes, no President will ever be completely irrelevant to the political process.

When You’ve Lost Maureen Dowd And Frank Rich……….

The bloom is off the rose for some of the President’s most ardent 2008 supporters.

Obama’s Golf Clubs

Michelle needs to stop buying shoes–but Barack’s keeping his golf clubs.

Ranking The Pundits

A study shows that most national columnists and talking heads are about as accurate as a coin flip.

Maureen Dowd: There Aren’t Enough Blacks In The Obama Administration

According to Maureen Dowd, Barack Obama’s biggest problem is that there are too many white people in this picture.

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