Trump takes to USAT to Attack Medicare for All

Fear-mongering of various types on full display.

The Democratic Party’s Progressive Wing Falls Short

Tuesday’s election results were a defeat for the progressive effort to remake the Democratic Party in their image.

28-Year-Old Socialist Upsets Veteran Democratic Congressman

Joe Crowley, widely considered in line to replace Nancy Pelosi as party leader in the House, has been defeated.

Have Democrats Moved Too Far to the Center?

Has the party paid too big a price to attract suburban voters?

Sanders Introducing Quixotic Medicare-for-All Bill

Sixteen Senators are backing a single-payer system. Another forty-four to go.

‘Medicare for All’ Gains Second Senate Backer

Kamala Harris has joined Bernie Sanders’ call for creation of a single-payer healthcare system.

Some Observations On The Debate Over Health Care And Insurance, Part I

Part One in a series of observations about health care and health insurance in light of the introduction of the House GOP’s health care plan.

Clinton Acting Like She Won, Alienating Bernie Fans

Backers of the losing candidate for the Democratic nomination are surprised that they’re not getting their way.

Hillary Clinton Scores Decisive Super Tuesday Wins, Moves One Step Closer To Nomination

As expected, Hillary Clinton won big last night while Bernie Sanders largely floundered, thus going further toward making Clinton’s victory inevitable.

Clinton, Sanders Clash In Final Democratic Debate Before Iowa Caucuses

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders clashed in the final debate before the Iowa Caucuses in the context of a race that has appeared to become tighter than it was before Christmas.

The 2016 Democratic Nomination Is Hillary’s If She Wants It

For the moment, Hillary Clinton looks unbeatable if she chooses to run in 2016